Friday, June 24, 2011

Jessi and Evelyn are friends

In the interest of keeping you apprised of all things pertaining to Evelyn and her fascinating life, I thought I should let you know that she hit another big milestone yesterday.

No, not rolling over from her back to her belly.  But she's getting there.  She works at it tirelessly and gets angry when she can't do it.

We haven't told her that once she rolls over she'll be on her belly, because that's something that also makes her angry because when she's on her belly she realizes she can't crawl.

I'll be sure to let you know how that works out.

But yesterday, her big milestone was this: she was babysat by her first non-relative!

So far we've been incredibly blessed/lucky/awesome enough to have just my parents watch Evelyn in the afternoons.  Dicy has covered any other babysitting needs when they've popped up, and we've been pretty set in our schedules.  But we needed a sitter for Thursday and we knew who to ask.


Evelyn likes Jessi.  Really.

Jessi has about a decade and a half of professional childcare experience.  She's also the friend who organized a schedule for our friends to bring us food the first week Evelyn was born.  And she's also been begging to play with Evelyn.  So when I asked her last week if she wanted to spend some time with one of her favorite babies, she really did jump a little at the chance.  Like, she started in her seat and said "Really?!" like I was inviting her to Dollywood.

Her schedule was clear, and so she watched Evelyn on Thursday.  They had bottles and read books and played.  Jessi told me that Evelyn was a happy girl and that they had a great time together.

I knew they would, but now I'm required to believe her because she heavily documented the afternoon and emailed me these photos.  Please take note that Evelyn is wearing 3 different outfits in these pictures.  She's a messy girl.  Or Reba.  You take a look at that hair and be the judge.

Thinking her deep thoughts.  It's an important part of her day.

Napping.  Also important.

Evelyn really did enjoy her afternoon.  Really.

Eating.  Also important to her.

Hanging out.

Playing in the floor with her owl.

Kicking off the best socks ever.

Playing with the caterpillar, which is probably her best friend.

And this is what I came home to: a baby girl with a Pebbles hairdo.  The bow fell out after Jessi left and I couldn't quite recreate the look, but Evelyn seemed to like her pretty new hairstyle.

"I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!"

Thanks again, Aunt Jessi!  Maybe someday we'll repay the favor by taking a picture of you and Evelyn enjoying each other's company.  Goodness, Evelyn!  She's so sneaky with her smiles sometimes...

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Laine said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!

I'm glad she and Jessi had a nice day together.