Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evelyn June is 3 months old!

Our baby is a great big girl!

She laughs.  She talks.  She likes to touch things.

She likes it when you sing.  She likes it when you talk to her.  She likes it when you hold her.

She likes to be left alone to play in the floor, too.  Those arms and legs have to wave around.

She likes her bath.  She's very forgiving when I get water in her face.  Every single night.

I measured her length last night and she's around 24 inches, which is how long she was at her pediatrician's appointment around 3 weeks ago.  However, her head is now 16 inches in circumference.  That's another inch from 3 weeks ago!  It's very possible that I am bad at wrapping measuring tape around a squirming baby's head, but still.  Her head is quite large.

She's had a big month.  I went back to work.  That meant she started spending Mondays with Cody, and every weekday morning.  My parents have come over to play in the afternoons.  She's started taking bottles and has stayed with Dicy twice while Cody and I went out.  She's started to outgrow some three-month size clothes.  We're not sure how long she'll still be in this size of diapers, either.  Her hair is starting to get in her eyes a little, so I try to be better at combing it all in the same direction.  She took some big road trips.  She went to her first baseball game.  She drools like she's teething, but there's nothing there.  So she just has a very shiny smile.

She's still not quite a blond.

She's very good at grabbing certain stuffed animals, blankets, and clothes.

She's been to about 9 birthday parties.

She also wants to put her hands in your mouth and I'm sorry about that.

She and Cody came to my work for lunch on Monday and it was the loveliest event.

I think she likes party dresses.

I know she likes looking at crepe myrtles.

She has an entire line of cowlicks on the back of her head.

She has made life so much more wonderful and we are so happy to have her.

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Laine said...

I love that last picture. She's thinking: Mom, why do you do these things to me, then take my picture?

You know Robert and I like to make up things that she's probably saying when we look at her're welcome.