Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Evelyn is 12 weeks old!

Evelyn is 12 weeks old!  

She's getting bigger, she's talking more, and her mullet knows no limits.

I can't believe she's this old.  The last time she was 12 weeks old, I was telling the world about her and we had just the vaguest idea of what life with her would be like.  Now she's here and life with her is so great, we barely know how to stand it.  She continues progressing in leaps and bounds, and since she always has adventures, this past week met her standards of a typically extraordinary life.

On Wednesday, I think I found her first tangle when I was combing her hair after her bath.  True story.

On Thursday, her granddad watched her!  I'm told they had a fabulous time.

On Friday, she didn't really nap too well and had an unhappy tummy.  But this made her sleep at night much better than she had been.  Mom joked that she and Evelyn were doing that as a favor to me, but it really did work out well.

I also took a picture of her hair.  It cascades past her shoulders.  At least the party parts of it, anyway.

On Saturday, I took that rested girl to the farmers market and 2 garage sales!  She saw her cousins, Kyle and Anna, and then we went to Eden's garage sale and she met all of Eden's family while I scored more cloth diapers and glass bottles and another hat!  She needs hats this summer.  After she'd had more fun and heat than she could stand, I took her to the restaurant so she and Dicy could hang out a little.  They both enjoyed it, even though Evelyn spit up all over her.  Then we went home and took naps.  We even went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate Jeff's birthday!  She is all about birthdays, you know.  I think this is her eighth birthday celebration.

Also on Saturday: she laughed.  Actually laughter.  I think I was saying "green beans" or something.  I nearly cried in the middle of the farmers market because life was just too good in that moment.  Instead, I just kept saying phrases over and over, trying to get her to do it again.  Beautiful.

Evelyn in her party sailor dress.

On Sunday, she slept in.  So we did, too.  Then she took an awesome morning nap AND an okay afternoon nap AND a slightly better evening nap!  This girl is not one for daytime sleeping, so we celebrate what we can.  While she slept in the evening, we decorated her room.

Animal wall!
Bear wall!
Sports wall!

On Monday, she and her dad had their first full day together!  She took bottles, sat in her chair to watch him do kitchen things, played in the floor, and took some naps.  They had a good time.

On her birthday, she seemed to have an unhappy tummy.  Lots of spitting up and other stuff.  But the rest of her was happy and she played like a champion.

Here is photographic proof of my big girl playing on her birthday:

Giant head.  Long body.  Increasingly chubby legs.  Beautiful girl.
She loves to play.  She loves when you pull the tail on the owl in that picture and it plays music.  She loves the colors green, pink, orange, blue, and white.  She likes taking a bath.  She likes being talked to.  She likes folk music.  She likes pacifiers but can't figure out how to keep one in her mouth.

She changes every day and we love every one of those days more than the next.  The past 12 weeks have been the absolute best adventure ever and we are so happy to have her.

Day 1.  She was just an hour or so old and so perfect.  Her hair looks so short to me now, but we were so surprised by it at the time.  Even when she was brand new, she didn't look very newborn-ish.  She was big, strong, alert, and already so good using up diapers and eating.  She seemed completely fine with being outside, just like I thought she would be.

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

6 weeks old
7 weeks old

8 weeks old
9 weeks old

10 weeks old
11 weeks old

12 weeks old!

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