Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Evelyn is 11 weeks old!

Eleven weeks of Evelyn.

Sometimes, when I'm tired, I accidentally call her "Eleven" by mistake.

Sometimes, when I'm very tired, I forget her name.

That doesn't happen very often any more, though, because she's been here a while.

Here are some of the things she's been up to as a big ten-weeker.

On Wednesday, she drove up to Oklahoma!  She hated it.  The car trip part, anyway.  I think we stopped about 3 times.  She had 2 screaming meltdowns and a couple of fussy episodes.  I rode in the back with her and talked to her and we played lots of Fleet Foxes and Alison Kraus for her.  She did not seem to appreciate our efforts.  She did, however, love being out of the car and meeting her Oklahoma family.  She was adored by her grandparents.  I wish we could have come up earlier, but at least they got to see her 'talking' and moving a lot now.  We stayed with our friends Glen and Jolene, and bathed her in their kitchen sink.

On Thursday, she bid farewell to Jolene after some more holding (Glen had already gone to work) visited with Mamaw and EA and Shirley some more!  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Then, after padding her carseat with a blanket, we hit the road.  It was much less windy, and she was much more tired.  So we had a much better trip.  She went home and slept through the night for the first time, and creeped me out.  Or I would have been creeped out if I'd woken up.  But I didn't.

On Friday, she played with her dad in the morning and went to the restaurant in the afternoon.  We took it easy after our big adventure.

On Saturday, we went to the library and the farmers market.  When Cody came home, he played with her and she watched him cook dinner.  She loves to watch him cook dinner.  After her bath, he gave her an infant massage because he saw somewhere in a book.  It pushes bedtime back a bit, but whatever.  They bond and when he rubs her back and legs it's the only time she's not screaming about being on her belly.  (She's still really mad that she can't crawl.  We're afraid to tell her how long it may take.)

On Sunday, we slept right through church.  I did manage to wake up before her, though, and I woke up Cody and made some bottles for her.  Then he fed her as soon as she woke up while I hid in the bedroom.  It went splendidly!  She doesn't drink as much milk from a bottle, but she doesn't fight them anymore either.  We're calling it a success.

On Monday, she celebrated her first Memorial Day by going to her first baseball game!  The Travelers even won for her!  She was even awake for parts of it!  Mostly because cheering wakes her up.  She intensely dislikes cheering.  Poor little misanthrope.  At least her dad bought her a pennant.  They spent even more time together in the evening while I ran errands in an attempt to leave them alone together more often.

On Tuesday, I went back to work.  Happy birthday, little girl.  I spent my time cleaning up stuff on my computer, looking at pictures of Evelyn, pumping, telling people about Evelyn, typing with both hands, showing people pictures of Evelyn, eating with both hands, and thinking about Evelyn.

I rushed home as quickly as I could to discover that she had some good naps and big bottles!  We stuck pretty close to each other for the evening.....and into the night.  She went to sleep at 8:30, and then woke up to feed at 9:30.  And 1:30.  And around 4:30.  I read that nursing babies will sometimes do this after their moms leave for work so they can have more time together, but I had no idea she'd start on our very first day!  She's either very quick to catch on, or growing like a weed.  It's probably both.

She's so big.  She smiles and coos and moves all the time.  She's friendly and happy and healthy.  We couldn't be prouder or more enthralled with her--at least not until next week.


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