Monday, June 13, 2011

The Duggars Came to Town

A couple of weekends ago, Cody and I went to Barnes & Noble and I saw a banner outside the store. 

The banner imparted the glorious news that the Duggars would be making an appearance on a Sunday afternoon.

I immediately took a picture with my phone and texted it to Ateca.  As you may recall, Ateca and I love all things Duggar

A lot.


So we set up a date for Evelyn to meet her good friend, Ateca, and for us to shake hands with the Duggars.  Cody came along because he thought someone might need to hold the baby or keep us from freaking out too loudly.

So we put on our modest dresses (even Evelyn's dress was very long!), decided to have joint custody of their book, and stood in line for an hour to get it signed.  It was fun.

I'm not joking, we had fun!  I nursed Evelyn, we took turns holding Evelyn, we caught up a lot, and searched the crowd for people who shared Ateca's skin tone.  Cody finally found a couple. 

Here's Evelyn enjoying the wait.  A man behind us was wearing a red shirt and she liked it a lot.
Ateca, Cody, and Evelyn having fun.  You can see Duggars in the background!

Duggars!  They all had different colors of Sharpies for their signatures.

Then we got a picture with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar!  Jim Bob looks uncomfortable.  It's like he senses a feminist in his safe zone.  I am of course talking about Evelyn.

Yes, we got to talk to them and shake their hands!  Ateca told them that we became friends by talking about their show every Wednesday morning, and they thought that was great.  Michelle was very impressed by how pretty Evelyn was, and by how much hair she had.

Yes, Michelle Duggar complimented my baby's hair and said it would be so wonderful with bows but I told her it was too slippery and she said her babies were all bald and she could only put those headbands on her girls.

That's right--Michelle Duggar and I talked baby hair.
It's okay to be jealous.

Ateca had initially wanted to tell people that Evelyn was hers, but decided to reign herself in.  I think she was also trying to get over the surprise interrogation from some of the middle sons when they asked her if she'd gone to church that morning.  She had, but Cody and I didn't because we slept in....because we stayed out late......because we went to see a friend's band a bar.  Fortunately, they didn't ask us.

The Duggars care about church.

They were all supernice, and about as polite and friendly as they seem on the show.

Ateca and I were very happy that we got to meet them, as opposed to driving around their rent house and taking pictures of it from the street.


This Duggar adventure was definitely better than the last because there was a snuggly baby involved, Cody joined us (he was thrilled!  Or something), Evelyn and Ateca are great friends now, and because we got a book out of it!  We love reading.

Ateca's going to read it first since my time is a little limited.  A lot of them wrote Bible verses with their names, and she's supposed to look them up and let me know what they are.

And, obviously, we love the Duggars.


Kelly said...

I am jealous.

I kinda want to have a baby just so I can talk to the Duggars...about babies. Is that wrong?

Amber said...
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Amber said...

I am also a little jealous. Not just that you talked babies with the Duggars but because you live in a town that has cool things going on and you actually go do them.

P.S. I'm not sure that I knew that they made Sharpies in that many colors...or, that we shared a Duggars fascination.

P.P.S. Can you do a Duggars post with the list of Bible verses so other fans can look them up?

Anonymous said...

"feminist in his safe zone."


Laine said...

1. I love this.
2. Jim Bob does look uncomfortable, but Michelle looks so sweet! She seems like a nice lady.
3. I wish I could "like" Kelly's comment. Kelly: I like your comment!
4. Things like this make me wish I lived in LR, so I could do fun things with you and your friends. Hey Ateca!
5. I love that you and Ateca are both wearing plaid, ha!

Erin said...

I'm just a little bit jealous.

I didn't realize they made so many sharpie colors.

And now I just went back and read the other posts and see why Amber I are friends...

Teca said...
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Teca said...

Where do I begin? Forgot to text Jennifer the bible verses because I was too busy telling my family about the Duggars. Here are the verses:

Jim Bob--Romans 8:28
Jana--Colossians 3
Michelle--2 Corinthians 1:29
Jessa--1 Timothy 4:12
Grandma Duggar--Proverbs 3:4-6

Hi Laine!!!

I didn't realize we both were wearing plaid. Usually one of us will catch something like that, we were caught up in catching up and meeting the Duggars!

Some of the girls were outside watching the little ones, so they brought extra cousins to "fool" us. They couldn't fool me. I pointed out to Jennifer and Cody that the "extras" were not a part of the 19.

The interrogation was a little intense. I almost felt pressured to recite the morning sermon. However, me being me, I promptly asked them if they had gone to church that morning. They did, of course.

I totally agreed that the family was really nice. I totally believe that if they got to know me better, I would be invited over for dinner. ;)

I felt like a proud mom when Michelle was gushing over Evelyn June! She's a beautiful baby.

Cody was relieved that we didn't make a fool of ourselves or him.

Jennifer, you do realize that we have started a tradition that we will do something Duggarish in the spring/summertime!!!

Amber said...

Thank you, Teca! Will you be my friend too?

If you do something Duggarish that involves coming to Fayetteville, let me know. I want to come too. Um, please!!!!