Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Duggars Came to Town: follow-up

Wow, people like Duggar posts even more than I thought!

I thought I'd do a little follow-up and respond to people's comments and talk about the Duggars some more because, well, I just want to.

Kelly said, "I am jealous.

I kinda want to have a baby just so I can talk to the Duggars...about babies. Is that wrong?"

Your jealousy is understandable.  Your motivation for childbearing is, as you probably guessed, very wrong.  But it's also very understandable.  Of all the things to talk about with Michelle Duggar (and then brag that you talked about with Michelle Duggar), I would rank them as follows:
  1. Babies
  2. Long hair
  3. Babies with hair (I've hit the trifecta!)
  4. Homeschooling curriculum
  5. Charts
  6. Where to find long skirts
Also, I think if you want to have babies and then raise them to hit all of their developmental milestones earlier than my children so that you could once again make me feel outpaced and inadequate, that would be cool.  I've missed feeling that way around you since we graduated.  I'm not even joking.  Things would fbe a lot more right with my world.

Amber said, "I am also a little jealous. Not just that you talked babies with the Duggars but because you live in a town that has cool things going on and you actually go do them.

P.S. I'm not sure that I knew that they made Sharpies in that many colors...or, that we shared a Duggars fascination.

P.P.S. Can you do a Duggars post with the list of Bible verses so other fans can look them up?"

Thanks and I know!  I love living near things that happen.  But I'm jealous that you have space to grow chickens.   Pros and cons to everything, I guess.  I think (or maybe hope) everybody has at least a little bit of a Duggar fascination.  Like them or not, they are fascinating.  And I'm definitely about to look up the verses now and link them because I feel like my Duggar reporting won't be complete unless I let people know what secret messages the Duggars were sending out with their autographs.

Eden just laughed because I wrote the phrase "feminist in his safe zone" because Jim Bob looked so uncomfortable in this picture:
I have to say, he seemed the most uncomfortable out of all the Duggars.  I thought that was weird for a former politician and car salesman.  But they were stationed right next to the Starbucks and were getting free drinks, so maybe he just needed a bathroom break.  They were there a long time.  They were a supernice and chatty family, though!  It was so strange how everyone was talking to them like we knew them because they were on TV.  It was even stranger how they talked back like we were all just friends of friends and completely familiar with one another. 

Laine wrote, "1. I love this.
2. Jim Bob does look uncomfortable, but Michelle looks so sweet! She seems like a nice lady.
3. I wish I could "like" Kelly's comment. Kelly: I like your comment!
4. Things like this make me wish I lived in LR, so I could do fun things with you and your friends. Hey Ateca!
5. I love that you and Ateca are both wearing plaid, ha!"

And I just included her comments in case the other commenters didn't go back to the old post to see if anyone wrote anything after they did.  And Laine, sometimes I wish I lived in Memphis!  Why are we not living in the same fun city? 

Erin said, "I'm just a little bit jealous.

I didn't realize they made so many sharpie colors.

And now I just went back and read the other posts and see why Amber I are friends..."

Girl, seriously.  I feel silly saying it, but thank you for being jealous. And I like that we're all so enraptured with Sharpies.  They really are wonderful.  And yes, it is definitely apparent why you and Amber are friends.

Then Ateca wrote this very helpful book: "Where do I begin? Forgot to text Jennifer the bible verses because I was too busy telling my family about the Duggars. Here are the verses:

Jim Bob--Romans 8:28
Jana--Colossians 3
Michelle--2 Corinthians 1:29
Jessa--1 Timothy 4:12
Grandma Duggar--Proverbs 3:4-6

Hi Laine!!!

I didn't realize we both were wearing plaid. Usually one of us will catch something like that, we were caught up in catching up and meeting the Duggars!

Some of the girls were outside watching the little ones, so they brought extra cousins to "fool" us. They couldn't fool me. I pointed out to Jennifer and Cody that the "extras" were not a part of the 19.

The interrogation was a little intense. I almost felt pressured to recite the morning sermon. However, me being me, I promptly asked them if they had gone to church that morning. They did, of course.

I totally agreed that the family was really nice. I totally believe that if they got to know me better, I would be invited over for dinner. ;)

I felt like a proud mom when Michelle was gushing over Evelyn June! She's a beautiful baby.

Cody was relieved that we didn't make a fool of ourselves or him.

Jennifer, you do realize that we have started a tradition that we will do something Duggarish in the spring/summertime!!!"

Okay, I linked the Scripture references so no one had to read my blog while hunched over the Bible (although the image cracks me up) and ran into a bit of a problem.  There is no 2 Corinthians 1:29.  That chapter only contains 23 verses.  Either Michelle has bad handwriting, Ateca transposed some numbers while typing out this long and otherwise correct missive, or Michelle Duggar does not know her Bible (!!!).  Regardless, oh my goodness.

Also, I did notice we were both wearing plaid but didn't have the chance to comment on it because we were catching up and I was praying Evelyn's flying fists didn't take out your earrings.  I was glad we went with supermodest and superhumble clothes in supermuted colors on top of wearing dresses. Look at our meek and gentle spirits!

I knew there were some impostors, but I needed you to point out the smaller ones for me.  I'm really glad you went to church, and engaged that boy in enough conversation to keep his attention off of us.  I have always believed you could get an invitation to a Duggar dinner.  I'm so glad you and Evelyn got to have this adventure together!  Cody was very relieved we were relatively not-weird (we were at a Duggar book-signing, so it's obviously a relative term).  He also said he loved you when we got in our car.  And he liked your fingernail polish, which is apparently why he was watching you when you were playing with Evelyn--not because he was worried you weren't good with babies.

I hadn't realized we'd made a yearly tradition of Duggarish activities.  I'm really excited for what happens next year because these have been building in impressiveness!

Then Amber said "Thank you, Teca! Will you be my friend too?

If you do something Duggarish that involves coming to Fayetteville, let me know. I want to come too. Um, please!!!!"

So now she and Ateca are friends.  Hooray!  My blog is now Duggar Appreciation Central.  Maybe a bunch of us find something awesome to attend next summer!  I am mostly serious.  That would be awesome.

Other thoughts:
Josh is not a good pregnant husband.  I know my standards are pretty harsh, but when your wife is one week away from her due date, and making long car trips, and looking after your younger siblings, and she comes waddling up to take her place at the table to sign books you should probably give her your chair instead of sitting obliviously while she has to drag up her own.  Ateca prayed that I would not notice.  I always notice.

While a lot of the older Duggars included Bible verses with their signatures, Cousin Amy just signed her name with two exclamations points.

If you google "Cousin Amy", her site is the first result.

A couple of the littlest girls were coloring on a bench behind the tables.  They were very well-behaved.

Now that I have a baby, Ateca has given up on her dream of forcing me to interlope my way into the Duggar family like some kind of homeschool Josie Grossie and feed her information.  I am very relieved.

The Duggars were really very, very nice.


Teca said...

Now you know Michelle knows her Bible. Clearly I don't, which is why the kiddos questioned my going to church. 2 Corinthians 12:9 reads, "But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." (NIV Translation.)

Amber, I will look you up on FB. We so can be friends. Hopefully, Jen doesn't have a gazillion Ambers as her friend on FB.

My wish for people to celebrate the Duggars is coming true!!! *tear*

Laine said...

This is one of your best posts. Hilarious.

You've created some sort of Duggar discussion forum. NIce.

Teca said...

And tell Cody that I love him too!!!

My mom feels we got gypped (sp) because the whole family didn't sign the book. I told her don't count all of the names because the "imposters" signed too...

I just read my mom all of your Duggar posts. She doesn't have to excercise now because she's been cracking up so hard that she's excerised her abdominal muscles.

Anonymous said...

That's the verse Michelle quotes all the time, 2 Corinthians 12:9. In a Lifeway magazine article she said it is her 'life verse'. So I'm betting that's the verse.

mrs p