Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday post for Laine

Laine is 27!

She's had a big year!

She cut all of her hair off, had knee surgery, got a roommate, was the sole breadwinner for her household for a while, sent Robert off to school, hosted a baby shower, became an aunt, and did generally awesome things.

Since Evelyn's still new and exciting, I'll just talk about how Laine's been a good aunt.

She and Sara threw Evelyn a party before she was born.
We can pretend this shower was for me all we want, but it was really Evelyn's first party.

She does housecleaning things for me when I ask.

Helping out with a cleaning and organizational overhaul I decided I needed at 9 months.

When Evelyn was born, Laine missed 2 days of work (at a moment's notice!) and drove at extreme speeds to be near her.  Then she came back for another visit just 4 days later! I'm sure they missed each other during their time apart.

She sent Evelyn her first real piece of mail.
She loved her St. Patrick's Day card.

She bought Evelyn an Easter card before she was born.
Evelyn's glitter Easter card.

She plays with Evelyn and does fun aunt things with her like play dress-up.  She is hoping to be the favorite aunt since she lives so close to the Memphis Zoo and the Pink Palace.  She's already gearing up for an Evelyn visit that's nearly 2 weeks away.

I think they're going to have lots of fun together.

Laine at Christmas, confirming my suspicions that she's going to be 'that' aunt.

Preparing to wear Evelyn.

Holding Evelyn for the first time.

Reading with Evelyn the last time they saw each other.
Part of my birthday present to Laine was to make and mail a photo book of their adventures together so far and she loved it.  Laine is a very good aunt to Evelyn, and she finally has a baby friend who seems to like her as much she likes babies.

Happy birthday, Laine!  I hope you had a great day, and I know you and Evelyn are going to have so much fun in the next year!