Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking in sights and making plans

Mom's been wanting to take me (or just Evelyn, but I have to tag along) to Heber Springs for a while because it's a cute little town that's not too far away.  I love cute towns, so Evelyn and I went over there with Mom yesterday.  I didn't take enough pictures, but here are some:

Saying goodbye to Dad.

She really loves it when he talks.

Waiting for our sandwiches in the tea room in the back of a store.

She eventually wanted some lunch of her own, but Mom kept a pretty tight grip on her before then.  I love how easy it is to prop her sitting up in my lap these days.  She's a big girl.

I loved the aprons they had to decorate the tea room.

Why did I give up learning to embroider when I was 11?  Oh right, because it's difficult.  But so pretty!

Not pictured: a used bookstore, a coffee shop where I happily paid $4 for a medium vanilla latte because I just felt like getting one, an indoor flea market Mom and I visited with loud clocks that woke up Evelyn and that made us forget that we intended to go to the grocery store on the way back to Romance (I'm pretty sure I never knew we were supposed to go to the grocery store), and the quilting store.

Holy smokes, the quilting store.

Mom and Grandmother have freaked out about how cool this store is ever since the first time they took Grandmother's sewing machine in there for repairs a year or so ago.  But Mom had to take the machine in there again a few weeks ago because the machine lives with me now, which meant it was a little water-damaged by recent excitement.  But the sewing machine repair guy fixed it right up and Mom saw all kinds of great fabrics that weren't there before and even felt compelled to call me and tell me about how fabulous the place was and that we should go there.

It really lived up to the hype.

I'm sure you're not surprised that the reason I have no pictures is because I was nursing and/or staring in slack-jawed wonder at the lovely fabric and patterns.  Yes, of course I bought fabric (also unphotograped because I'm less than vigilant about documentation these days).  There were a couple of great baskets with fat quarters, which is just enough fabric to make a nice number of squares for a baby quilt.

Oh yes, the baby quilt.  Remember that? 

I'm kind of glad we didn't get past cutting out squares because I look at the design now and can't help but think that it's just not quite Evelyn.  Or, at least not what I want for her.  I've been thinking about this quilt a lot lately because I've resumed reading The Gentle Art of Domesticity.  It's by Jane Brocket, who writes the blog yarnstorm.  Brook gave me the book for my birthday and I didn't really have the time to plow through it.  But she just touches on projects or little things she appreciates in everyday life and each section is about the length of a quick blog post.  It's perfect for when I'm feeding Evelyn, or if I just want a quick break to look at some pretty pictures.  Or if I want some inspiration about color schemes and quilt patterns.

I doubt I'll ever be the type of person who can slap together a quilt top during a movie marathon (but how cool would I be if I was?!), but I do appreciate the book's tone that you can lay out your scraps on a quiet afternoon and figure out how you want them to look together.  I've been reconsidering some fabrics, and picking up others here and there for the last couple of weeks (oh hey, ever since I started reading the book again) and Cody and I are supposed to go through our squares and scraps again this weekend if we can get to it before the Rapture sucks us up because--and I don't want to sound conceited--I'm pretty sure we're in.  I don't think it hurts to still make plans.

I love to make lots of plans.  Lots and lots and lots.  Half the time, most of the fun is in the planning and the imagining and the figuring out process.  Mom and I looked through a ton of patterns for wall hangings or quilt designs and we'd instantly think of people who would like them, rooms they would good in, who would be better at completing them than we would, and so on. Evelyn just stared and smiled at the bright colors.  The majority of people who like making things are not Jane Brocket or Martha Stewart or Rachel Denbow (my hero), and we don't get paid to create awesome things and we aren't always able to put aside as much time for projects as we'd like.  But there's just something about the planning.

The three of us had a fun day and I feel like I came away with a lot even if I just paid for some fabric, a wall hanging, and a postcard for Evelyn's room.  Mom raised us to say, "Just looking, thanks" from a very early age and I had to laugh when we left the flea market and the woman at the cash register asked Evelyn if she would grow up to be a shopper and Mom said "I think she'll just browse."

Evelyn was more than happy to just look, and so were we.

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