Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reasons to be excited about May!

May is a lovely month and I have lots of reasons to love it.  Here are a few:
  • Cinco de Mayo!  I love cheese dip.
  • Memorial Day! I love America.
  • School lets out!  Let the slightly less awful commutes begin.
  • Summer movies--explosions, superheros, and plots that absolutely demand that you suspend your disbelief.  Time for a date!
  • Mother's Day.  I get to have my very first Mother's Day ever!  We'll probably observe it on the Saturday before or the Monday after because we'll be celebrating our moms on Mother's Day.  We may or may not owe them superawesome presents this year.  
  • Birthdays!  I've always been jealous of you people who can celebrate with ice cream cakes.
  • Moving into a new place.  We're all rejoicing.
  • Plants and flowers.  I love growing things.
  • Evelyn will turn 2 months old!
She's really excited.
  •  It's my last month of maternity leave!  Oh wait...
  • By golly, I'm scheduling that trip to Miami.
  • Evelyn will meet all of her grandparents this month!
  • Sundresses.
  • Baseball games!
  • Riverfest!  Food and music.  Be happy.
  • It marks the unofficial start of summer.  I know summer technically doesn't start until June 21, but we know better.  It's time to catch a game in a dress and eat some fruit outdoors.

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Sarah Bibles said...

woo hoo! I agree that May is indeed, a super month! Although I am not a fan of spring and all of these storms:(