Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ozark field trip adventure

On Friday, Evelyn and I joined Mom, Dad, and Dallas on a little day trip to the Ozark Folk Center.  Herb Fest was supposed to be going on, but we didn't notice much of that even though I bought a bronze fennel plant for Cody because I'd never heard of one before and we discovered with our last fennel plant that we're fennel-growing champs.  But there are no pictures of that.

I do have pictures of a lot of other stuff, though!

Behold, our fabulous adventures:

Our first stop was to the candle-making shop.  I'm not sure why this picture looks as dramatic as it does, but the woman is just talking about the length of the process to Dallas.

This woman was just sitting out in the sunshine, spinning some yarn.


Broom store!  I've forgotten the old-timey name for it.

By the way, people flocked to Evelyn everywhere she went.  Shocking.

Dallas in an Osage-style lodge.
 She said she was making a mask type of bead.

And now, one of my absolute favorite parts.

And now, this awesome demonstration:

Then we did some modeling.

Dad wore Evelyn like this for about 3 hours.

Even when he posed for a picture with Dallas.
Dallas and me.  He's so much taller every time I see him.

This is the cute little dog at the print shop.

Printing presses!

The man who talked like Mr. Rogers who could work the printing presses.

Evelyn was really impressed.

Some women were working on spinning in the quilt shop.
Evelyn must have sensed my excitement and started to wake up.

Dallas wanted to be in a picture with her.  At least he looks alert.

The weaving and spinning place!

Mom and Evelyn at the end of the afternoon.

And just because I'm so excited about videos and pottery, here it is again.

Yay field trip adventures!


Laine said...

I'm sorry, I just noticed that Dad is in the pioneer woman cutout in that picture with Dallas, hilarious.

Laine said...

Where's my other comment!? Stupid. I'll retype it:

I'm so jealous! Dallas sent me pictures on Friday, but never told me where y'all were! That's the best field trip ever!

Dad is such a cool granddad, wearing that baby around.

The pottery place is my favorite too! I actually recognized that pottery making man from the last time I was there! And, the lady in the broom making shop. Nice to know the same people are there.

Evelyn looks like she had a lovely time. I'm really glad you got internet at home again.

Anonymous said...

The lady at the broom making shop looks like a big Evelyn. They must go to the same salon.