Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday: happy songs!

I'm  happy!

Most of the boxes are unpacked, we have pictures on the walls, and there's Internet access once again.

Here's a picture of Evelyn because I know you'll be upset if I don't post one:

It seems like there's a lot I should be catching you up on, but I don't remember half of it.

We have an apartment. 
We will be hanging plants on the balcony very soon.
I may finish a book this month!
I didn't finish any books in March or April because I was busy.  The last time this happened was September 2006, when I got married.  I like that for some reason. 
Evelyn's hair is the same color as mine right now.
Insurance is confusing.
I'm knitting again!  Current projects include a little brown hat and a green scarf.
We miss our couch.
I love having a dishwasher.
Last Saturday I went to a store and remembered the last time I went there I was so horrifically pregnant that Levi was scared of every step I took (it was 2 days before Evelyn was born), and it was so nice to carry her on the outside.
I love not being pregnant.
Having babies is hard work and I'm super thrilled to be over that (finally).
We've been decluttering.
Evelyn has very few chilly-weather clothes for her current size because the weather was supposed to be warm in May.  What is this silliness?!  We'll just have to put her in her Razorback outfits, sadly.  (I'm not sad about that.)
Evelyn turned 2 months old on Sunday. 
Evelyn rolled over from her tummy to her back on Saturday.  I yelled and Cody put her on her stomach because we wanted to see it again.  No luck.
I miss our couch.
I miss Evelyn's sweet little yellow jumper.
Oh, wait.  No I don't because I found it in the sizes for 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months.  My child now has 4 identical sleepers and only one is outgrown.  So precious!
Cody and Casey should never live close to each other ever again.  We're still getting his mail.
I still owe, like, 4 people birth announcements.
I need to shower.  I should go do that.

Anyway, I'm so happy to be talking to you again and here are some happy songs.  Enjoy!

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