Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We had a home once.  Then we didn't, thanks to one strong gust of wind.  We just had a bunch of stuff in a wet and dirty duplex.

Then we stayed in Cody's old home with his family.  It was wonderful, but it wasn't home.

Then we found an apartment in our old neighborhood.  We signed a lease and tried to imagine how we'd arrange Evelyn's room.

It wasn't yet home, but we delighted in hanging out in boxers the first night we spent there.

Now it's 2 weeks later and nearly all of the boxes are unpacked and nearly all of the things are put where we want them.

I still miss my turn into the parking lot sometimes and we still haven't alphabetized our fiction and nonfiction yet, but we've cooked meals and taken naps in the new place.

Our plants are on the balcony, our pictures are on the walls, and the three of us are here. 

Sunday's breakfast.

And once again we have a home.


Laine said...

I love it! I can't wait to see it in person. Do you have a washer and dryer? Does Evelyn like having carpet? Why are you letting that dinosaur bite her? Do you know how much trouble I had spelling "dinosaur?" I looked it up! Hope that question mark is in the right spot.

Evelyn looks so cute in that red diaper! Your balcony looks really nice! And I'm glad your walls aren't just white, I like that tan color. It's very homey.

I like that I can see your blue toenails in that picture of Evelyn on her blanket, ha.

Jen said...

No washer/dryer hookup (boo!), but there's a laundry room onsite. The carpet's okay and I have to throw down fewer blankets for her to play. That dinosaur is actually a dragon, and he gives her kisses. I appreciate that you spelled it correctly, though.