Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evelyn is 9 weeks old!

Evelyn is 9 weeks old!

She's a great big girl.  She kicks, she squirms, and she loves to stare at her fascinating left fist.  Cody's hoping she'll be left-handed.

I know I usually say that she's had a big week, but this was pretty low key.  "Low key" is a relative term for us, but I'll take it.  It was still an exciting week!

Wednesday, she slept in her wrap while I went to the corner store and our library.

Thursday, she helped me unpack.

Friday, she took her first field trip!

Saturday, she went to the farmers market and took walks with Cody and me.  She loves to watch Cody while he talks.  Either that, or she's like me and has to watch his lips to understand what he's saying.

Oh, and she also rolled over like it was no big deal.  Cody was setting her down to play on her tummy, which she dislikes with great intensity, and she must have had her knee down or something because she pushed with her strong arms and rolled right over on her back!  We freaked all the way out, hugged, and then Cody put her on her stomach again to see if she could do it a second time.

The second time she just got mad that she couldn't crawl, just like she's been doing since Week 1.  It was definitely the most exciting thing to happen to us all week.

Sunday, she woke us at the crack of dawn and was ready to play.  Then she slept through church.  Then we all took naps. 

Also, Cody and I went to the movies with Casey and Evelyn stayed with her Dicy.  I knew we'd made the right decision to leave her behind before the first trailer even ended.  Not even she could sleep through that.  While we were gone, she drank one whole ounce from the bottle I left with her!  It's not her first choice, but she'll get more used to them after a while.

Later that night, Cody stayed up with her while I went to bed.  They watched Eat, Pray, Love together.

She also turned two months old on Sunday.  It seems like she's been around so much longer.  Cody thought that it was because she's been around for 11 months.  We've planned for this little girl since we were dating and having conversations about what we'd do if we had kids.  Things got real once we knew she was in my belly.  From the night we found out she existed, we talked about what music we'd play around her, what books we'd read to her, what field trips we'd take her on, and what our life would be like with her in it.  We just talked about her all the time.  And then she was out of my belly and 'really' in our lives and I recognized her movements from when I carried her.  I felt her in my bones (or at least somewhere in my ribcage) and then when I finally saw her all newly born and squirming around on my belly, it was wholly new and different but at the same time it felt nice.   I know it's an underwhelming word, but I like everything it brings to mind.  I looked at her and thought, "Well, there's my baby.  Good." and that's kind of how I've felt ever since.  I'm so grateful for the past 11 months, but these last two have been the best.

Monday, she ran errands.  One of those errands included buying a changing table/dresser for a really good deal!  It was not only superawesome because I'd love to use her bookshelf to hold books and we would love to stop crouching down on the floor to change diapers, but it was also the real furniture purchase we'd ever made.  We've bought bookcases and a bed frame before, but this is furniture.  Furniture for our daughter's nursery.  I felt so grownup I went out and tried on momjeans.

On her birthday day, she played like a champion.  Okay, she does that every day.  Then we went to my work so I could take care of some of her insurance things and so everyone could fawn over her.  People had seen her when she was around 3 or 4 weeks old, but today was more exciting because she was awake and smiling like crazy.  Everyone was impressed with her strength, alertness, and prettiness.

They also exclaimed over her hair.  Did you know she has a lot of hair?  She has a lot of hair.  And it's long.  And it's turning red.  Or appears to be turning red.  You may not have known about that.  It's something that we've been getting glimpses of for the past week or so and no one knows quite where it came from or what to make of it.

As always, I can't wait to see what happens next.


Laine said...

She is so cute. That is all.

Sleepy Bear said...

I'm going to have a write a song for this little girl. I feel as though she needs a theme song.

Jen said...

Ooh, preferably something that sounds like it would accompany footage of her walking down a street looking delighted with life. That seems like the kind of girl she is.