Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Evelyn is 8 weeks old! And moved! And without Internet!

I wrote this up at home and now I'm pasting it into blogger at a free wifi spot.  We should have Internet by Friday night, but I missed this part of the world and just had to visit.  I'm pretty sure you missed me too.  Or at least the Evelyn updates.  It's okay, I've missed telling you about her.  She's very important and newsworthy.  Just so you won't feel like you've missed out on too much, here's a 7 weeks post AND an 8 weeks post.

Evelyn is 7 weeks old!

She's big.  She likes to stare at trees.  She loves the extra people holding her. 

The first few days as a seven-week-old were a little rough on her and she slept funny.  She hit her stride on Friday, just as Cody and I found a new apartment and knew we'd be throwing her off her game yet again. 

She seemed mostly amused by Saturday night's storms and power outages.

On Sunday she happily napped with her Dicy and stared out the window in her bouncy seat.  She wasn't even bothered by the night's storms and nursed and slept her way through the President's speech.

On Monday she even spent a few hours with Dicy while Cody and I ran around to switch over utltilities and sign lease forms!  It was quality napping time. 

On Tuesday or Wednesday, she grabbed a toy.  Naturally, I missed it.  I had her in a chair (and fenced in by an ottoman) while I packed up my car.  I came in and saw her grasping her lamb from Sara, just grinning and waving it around.  I freaked out and took a picture.

I also took a picture with my phone and sent out an all-caps text message.  Precious memories.

Evelyn is 8 weeks old! 

She's a very big girl.  Her hands get plumper and plumper, her feet get longer and longer, and her smiles are better and better.

As always, she's had a very big week.  She spent her birthday moving (again).  She now has her own room!  Her cradle is still right next to our bed, but one of these days she'll get to enjoy her very own room that's filled with her very own things (and a lot of our junk as well). 

On Wednesday I discovered that tornado sirens amuse her to no end when they went off (very loudly) as part of a test.  I'd seen her smile during a few warnings and thought it was a fluke, but no.  The girl just laughs in the face of danger.

On Thursday and Friday she helped me unpack.

On Saturday she slept in her wrap while I shopped at the farmers market and went to the library.  She played with her Granddad while Levi and I worked on unpacking the apartment.  That night, she slept through her seventh birthday party.  Happy birthday, Mandy!

On Sunday, she celebrated Mother's Day by waking me up to nurse. I got some good smiles from her.  We slept in and were lazy.  She and Cody gave me a card.  We went over to Dicy's house to get some more of our stuff and to give her our Mother's Day wishes.  We also gave her Evelyn for an hour or so, and she slept on her Dicy's chest.  That's one of their very favorite things to do together.  Then we went to Sara and Chad's house and she stared at people vying for her attention--another one of her very favorite things.  Both her Dicy and Gil got framed pictures of her and some flowers.

They love pictures of Evelyn.  I can't imagine why.

Yes, I can.

3 generations of awesome.

She also met Chad's stuffed bobcat.

She was thrilled.

On Monday she rode the trolley!

Okay, she slept through most of that.  But we went downtown and ate (she slept), we went to the library (she slept), and then we rode back home (she slept and/or nursed).  Then she creeped us out by falling asleep before 11 and staying out until 6.

And yesterday, on her birthday, she took naps and ate in short spurts.  She was cuddly and smiley and we had a blast.  I've vacuumed enough to feel comfortable throwing down a blanket and letting her play on the floor, which she loves.  She likes to watch us unpack or assemble furniture.      

Her hair is hilariously long and draws remarks from stranger and friends alike.  It's also getting wavy.  She's outgrowing more clothes.  We think she's laughing some times.  She's acclimating to her new home very well and doesn't seem too thrown off by the new sights and sounds.

Her dad found some alphabet wall decals that we have to put up in her room.

She's lovely and big and we're having so much fun.  I look forward to whatever happens next.

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Love seeing photos of Evelyn and hearing about her grand adventures!! Have a great day!