Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekends look different with a baby

This is somewhat a weekend post.

On Friday, my parents came to town and the three of us planned to take Evelyn to her very first Kevin Brockmeier reading.  After laboriously loading her into the wagon and walking in the wind we went to the venue and discovered
  1. The Kevin Brockmeier session was a ticket event and I did not have tickets because neither the program in the Arkansas Times nor the website mentioned that this was a paying event and
  2. The event was overbooked
  3. My best bet was to stick around and hope that enough people wouldn't show up so that I could pay to attend a reading at an event with corporate sponsorship.
We got sandwiches instead.

Baby's first literary festival disappointment.
 We ran errands and took Evelyn by my work so I could put her on my insurance and introduce her to people.  Aside from  my head exploding a little each time someone uttered phrases like "You're not going to want to go back to work" or "Why didn't you bring her in earlier?" or "The insurance lady said your hospital form doesn't count.  Can you get us something else to prove she's yours?", it was a nice visit.  My parents got to see my office, I got to delete emails, and Evelyn had a nice nap through the whole thing.

And I asked Dad to take a couple of pictures of us looking cute.

Later I ordered her birth certificate and she took a nap.  I did a bunch of other stuff and then she stayed up for more than half the night.

On Saturday I took it easy.  We lounged around on the couch and watched TV on the laptop.  Actually I watched TV on the laptop while she slept on my tummy.  It was absolute perfection.

After Cody came home from work, we took Evelyn to the library for the first time!  I've been waiting for this for a while.  I wanted to go to the Peter S. Beagle session solely because Kevin Brockmeier was moderating, but now I've found a new author to like!  He read a short story, Evelyn nursed noisily on the back row, Cody tried to keep from dozing, and I got to hear Kevin Brockmeier's strange and small voice.  I was so happy that we didn't bother trying to get him to sign my book (it probably would have been rude anyway).  Instead, I took a cell phone picture of Evelyn up next to the Mark Twain books (because Cody didn't know who Anthony Trollope was) and sent it to family members.

Then we took these pictures. 

Our best family photo yet.
 Then we ran errands and gave Evelyn a bath and went to bed at a decent hour.  Unfortunately we slept through church because Evelyn had a very early morning.  But I was able to get some work done proofing for a friend of a friend while Cody and Evelyn played before I had to go take pictures of Cody's aunt's family for a project.
A lot of it was like this.
But it wasn't all bad.

We celebrated Spencer's birthday with a taco bar and cake.

On the deck, course.

If you're wondering why Casey looks like he hates me......well, I was holding a camera.

Evelyn clearly enjoyed herself.
 Then Dicy and I made Spencer and his friends pose for a picture.  This is one of about six.

Happy family portrait.

Then Evelyn wouldn't sleep and she and Cody went for a drive.  After a million hours of being awake, I was able to sleep for nearly 6 hours--relatively uninterrupted.  Heavenly.

The weekend was pretty up and down, but the good parts were very, very good indeed.  I took it easy with my baby, we took her to the library as a family, we ate good food, and we saw lots of our families.

And did I mention the library enough?

Very good.

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Laine said...

That picture of Evelyn and Mrs. Dicy is so cute! Evelyn looks like she's smiling.

And I like your library family portrait. Very nice.