Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekends are longer when you're awake for them

Evelyn had a late night Friday, and so she slept through the best parts of Saturday.

Like girl time with Jessi!

 And Jeff!

 Jessi got to wear Evelyn through Target, but only after Evelyn ate for a million years in the yard and garden section.  Jessi and I sat on a wicker loveseat and chatted like we were at a Starbucks.
I told Jessi she could pretend to be Evelyn's mom, but she felt the need to 'fess up any time someone commented on the sling or Evelyn's hair.
 Then Evelyn wouldn't eat well or sleep for very long in the evening.  She kept this up until 2something.  Then she woke up at 6:30, which was just fine because I had an alarm set.  Time for church with my family!

We picked up donuts, drove fast, and made it to church on time.  It was Evelyn's longest car trip yet!

Later, we ate at Rib Crib for Dad's birthday and took pictures outside.  We haven't done that since I was 14 weeks pregnant.
Evelyn was not a fan of the wind or the picture-taking.

I'm wearing a gray tank top with my dress.  Promise.

That outfit lasted from the time I put it on her in the church parking lot until that afternoon, when we got to Mom and Dad's house.  Amazing.

Since hanging out with Evelyn was part of Dad's present, they blew out the candles together.  She was exactly one month old!

Dad can really stage a photo.

Then we made him close his eyes for his birthday present.

A new briefcase!  His old one was....old, and Levi found this.  We took turns smelling the leather.

Dad's been sticking to a more healthful diet, but Cody made carrot cake and I bought root beer just for his day.  Laine and Robert brought cupcakes that Leah made for Dad.

Here are Dad's presents and cards.  Cards, left to right: Jen, Leah, Sara, and Levi.  I also gave him a picture frame and some photos of Evelyn.

This is me with the birthday man!

Evelyn fussed quite a bit in the evening, even though Mom got her to take a three-hour nap.  She nursed a lot and I did laundry and Cody took a nap and Mom gave us spaghetti for dinner.  Mo was a lot calmer this time--even before Mom gave him Benadryl to take the edge off.  Dad seemed genuinely surprised by the briefcase, and loved his day.  There was a lot of talking and card-playing and baby-holding. 

Then Cody drove his fussy baby and exhausted wife home and I took Evelyn straight to bed while he unloaded the car.  I rubbed her head until she was sleepy enough to go into the crib (Cody picked her up and I promptly passed out--normally I'm a little too keyed up to sleep) and then she slept around 5 hours like a freak.  A very kind and generous freak.

And that was our weekend!  Not pictured: the farmers market, Evelyn in a bathing suit, shopping for a special Easter dress, and my parents showing off their baby.  Did I mention that this just so happened to be a Sunday where they were greeters?  Evelyn's famous now.  Like, more so than before.


Laine said...

1. Evelyn is so pretty.
2. The pictures of Dad and Evelyn blowing out the birthday candles are hilarious.
3. I very, very much like that picture of you and Dad!

Erin said...

I need to know what kind of sling you have...I'd about to get/buy something. I get to buy the cool stuff with this baby since I have the necessities already and hopefully won't have the hospital bills...

Jen said...

1. But of course!
2. Ditto.
3. Thank you!

Erin: It's a Moby wrap. I think they're around $35 (I registered for mine, so I'm hazy on the cost) and they're much thicker than standard jersey fabric. I love it. To death. So very much. Oh, and Evelyn is a fan too.

Erin said...

Oh yeah...I have a Moby wrap..well a homemade one! Awesome. I think I wrapped mine different...or I'm just really dense...

I'm splurging and buying a nifty buckle carrier thingy...a Beco Gemni...its my birthday present!