Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Typo Tuesday: This did not work out like you had planned.

I almost don't want to do this (especially since my last post has a typo in the dadgum title!  Please cut me some postpartum slack.  I had a baby a little while ago and it's just now really hitting me that this is a Really Big Deal).

I almost don't want to tell you where I saw this particular typo.

I almost don't want to link you to the establishment that displays this typo.

But I will.

The day before Evelyn was born, Cody and I went to the library and ate River Market food and visited River Market Books and Gifts.  We browsed and I flirted with him like it was a date because I knew I'd be having a baby in a day or two.  I didn't find anything I needed, but Cody picked up a trade copy of some comic for $10 that would normally be $30.  I wandered around the store a little bit longer while he paid and saw this:

This should be an okay sign.  It's a sign in a bookstore.  A bookstore owned/sponsored in part by/I've never quite understood/etc. by the Central Arkansas Library System.  (At the very least, they share a parking lot.)  We trust bookstore employees to know things about books.  To alphabetize books by author in a designated genre shelf.  To get things off of high shelves.  To not write notes in which Every Word Begins With A Capital Letter Because They Think It's Official.

So close, and yet.......

I'm not even going to worry about the fact that the quote isn't inside quotation marks.

I am going to worry about the fact that a proper name isn't capitalized.


But the best part?

Did you notice that someone underlined the letter "J" three times?  It's an editing mark indicating that a letter needs to be capitalized.  I vandalized corrected the sign the last time I was in there a few months ago.

Either they didn't notice the marks, or they appreciated the correction.

At least they have evidence I'm still thinking.

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