Monday, April 4, 2011


We took Evelyn to Romance for the first time yesterday!

She was held by her family and intensely studied by Mozart.

Then we pulled out old photo albums.

We looked at old pictures of Cody and Casey last weekend (Evelyn has their eyes!), 
and so we wanted to look at old pictures of me.

Me.  Evelyn has my nose!

Mom and me.

 But then we got to Sara's baby pictures.

Sara and her arm.
Evelyn and her arm.

Sara's kissy face.
Evelyn's cute little kissy mouth.

Sara's bath.
Evelyn after her first bath.

Did I mention they have the same blood type?
Evelyn's quite the little Sara clone.

I still want her to have my nose, though.

And just in case Laine starts to feel left out, here's a picture of her:

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Laine said...

Yes, I'm glad I was included! Thank you. I'm glad Evelyn and I have such big and important things in common. Crossed eyes are obviously special. Also, I love her kissy face, that is the cutest thing. Ever. I like how Mom is letting Mo smell her fist, and that's all he gets! Ha. I'm sure they'll be buds. Evelyn looks like she had a lovely time in Romance.

In conclusion: I liked this post very much.