Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a blog about blogging!

Laine and I like to joke about how we'd present ourselves if we were blogger ladies.  We both get a lot of inspiration from blogs on parties and fashion and home decor, but there's a lot we leave on the wayside.  We once spent an afternoon's worth of emails figuring out what the ultimate Blog Lady blog would look like.

Obviously most bloggers present just a slice of their lives, and they put forth effort to show the very best/most interesting/attractive parts.  I do the same thing.  Pictures of Evelyn's sweet face and all the giddy feelings they evoke?  Blog-worthy.  A daily diaper count?  Not so much.  And I could never be one of those blogger ladies anyway.  I wear a lot of the same clothes over and over.  I don't have a hair style.  My husband doesn't take beautifully flattering, sundrenched photos of me, nor does he have a mastery of Photoshop.  My husband actually has absolutely no involvement with this blog other than sometimes he hangs out with Evelyn so I can use both of my hands for a post.

BUT!  If I was a blogger woman:
  • I would never refer to Cody by his real name.  He would be "my hubby" or "the mister."
  • I think I would have to get bangs or longer hair.
  • I would need someone to check these sleep-deprivation-caused typos.
  • I would spend $80 million to shop vintage stores for clothing and decor and dishes.  (Conservative estimate.)
  • I would have to use the word "vintage."
  • You would probably think I had only 5 friends and no extended family because it could be confusing if I talked about them only occasionally, so you'd just know about siblings and parents and grandparents even though Cody sees most of his extended family every week.
  • I'd probably talk about my post-baby body and I'd probably talk about accepting myself even as I set some goal of attaining some weight or dress size by some event.  
  • I guess I would have to give a [hoot] about my post-baby body to begin with. 
  • I probably would have posted bare belly pictures when I was pregnant.  (You're welcome.)
  • Because Cody is balding, he'd probably have to wear a newsboy cap because misters of blogging ladies don't seem to be allowed to have thinning hair because I guess it's just not trendy.  And that's too bad because it looks darn good on him.
  • Laine pointed out he'd have to wear skinny jeans.  I have no idea how we'd find a hat big enough for his giant, square head--much less skinny jeans for his super-muscular legs.  They are mighty.
  • I think he might just have to be skinny.  Probably not the best look for him. 
  • I would probably talk about cupcakes more.
  • I could do outfit posts!  Anyone excited about the fact that I'm wearing a bathing suit cover again? Anyone? 
  • I would use a nickname for Evelyn.  That's a sad thought because her real name is just so pretty and I like it too much to think of calling her anything else.
  • I would have to cook.  And photograph the process.  Um, and cook.
  • I guess we'd need a record player.  It would be displayed on a vintage telephone table in a prominent area of our living room so attendees of our theme dinner parties would know how much we care about music.  I would frequently mention that we have a record player.
  • I probably wouldn't admit to liking Nickelback.  Or to having a Nickelback poster.  Or to photographing friends with the poster. Or to owning all of their albums.  Or to getting emotional while listening to "Never Gonna Be Alone."  Or to putting a Nickelback ballad on any playlist I've ever compiled for Cody, real or planned.
  • I would need an iPhone.  It would have, at the very least, the Hipstomatic app.
  • My husband would have a lucrative job that I would refer to in only the vaguest of terms.  I would occasionally refer to him as "a great provider" and praise him for doing something that's expected of most healthy adults--holding down a job.
  • I would have professional shoots of me/Evelyn/all 3 of us done every couple of months so you could see us in sun-flared Photoshop fabulousness.
  • I'd talking about building your personal brand.
  • (I would know what it means to have a personal brand?  What is all this talk of selling yourself?  I'm not a prostitute!)
  • I would have a personal brand.
  • My posts would have a point.

Instead, you have this blog.  I love my husband.  I love my daughter.  I love my life.  I love my family and friends.  I love my job (even if I cringe and feel slightly weepy thinking about going back) and I'm really glad to have it because we depend on it to bring in more than half of our income.  I love that my husband is built like a bear and works at his family's restaurant and that he's more focused on being a good husband and father than being intensely driven to fit the 'good provider' mold.  I love my books and arts and crafts projects even if they're completely abandoned right now.

I love my readers for enjoying my book lists and for caring about what was in our CSA basket every month.  For liking funny lists.  For being supersweet when we were expecting Evelyn.  For freaking out over her cuteness.  For enjoying mediocre pictures.  For commenting on project posts and humoring me when I say I had an adventure.

I think things are nice just as they are.

And for what it's worth, I've been wearing pajamas all day.

I'm glad you're okay with that.


    Amber said...

    I love this post--for its snarkiness and its sweetness. Do you believe that in a week or two you will be able to hold Evelyn and type with both hands? It's true. And for the record, I'm still freaking out over her hair. I would probably have to try to touch it if I saw her. :-)But I would ask first.

    Erin said...

    This blog rocks. I like your blog the way it is. One problem with this post....there are no pics of the girl-child. Whats up with that? Before I could be an awesome blogger chic I'd have to 1) keep my thoughts coherent and avoid run on sentences because I get so passionate I forget to do things like punctuate and spell correctly. (see look at that sentence!) 2) keep a semi general topic...I mean I go from rants to random tidbits...I make zero sense. I like being a random blogger, its more fun than being I'm lazy.