Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday!

We're getting ready for Easter over here and someone's very excited about it!

(Hint: it's not Evelyn.)

I have a tiny Easter dress, frilly socks, little white shoes, and a cardigan for potential chilliness.

I have plans for both families.

I have Easter candy, Easter eggs, Easter grass, and a little bunny puppet.

Mom is bringing my old Easter basket to fill up for Evelyn.

I have even have a backup dress for Evelyn.

Easter is such a great holiday.  I love that bunnies and candy and egg hunts have nothing to do with celebrating the resurrected Christ and we celebrate them all mixed up.  I love that Good Friday is a paid holiday for some people.  I love that my side of the family likes to celebrate Easter on Saturday.  I love Easter dresses and decorations and candy because this holiday might just be more colorful and cheerful than Christmas.  I love that this is Evelyn's first major holiday (St. Patrick's Day is fun and all, but let's be real about this.) because she's a spring time baby and I love the juxtaposition of new life and new plants and all that symbolism and happy candy.

I'm really hoping that we can celebrate her birthday on Easter some time.  It will be a glorious theme party with bunny, chick, and lamb decorations.  Would it be wrong to rig the obligatory egg hunt so that she could have the prize egg?  I hope not.  I can't wait for future Easters and dresses and baskets, because we're all showing restraint this first time around.

Even if I spent part of the morning taking 46 pictures like this one:



Erin said...

Oh my I love this love this love this! That is all!! Happy Easter!!!

Kelly said...

Fact: a picture of Evelyn in an Easter basket is better than a cart of Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and hollow chocolate bunnies. Any day.

Alana said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I also love the new tag category, "My baby is GORGEOUS."