Monday, April 25, 2011

Evelyn's first Easter!

Here a few (trans: a million trillion) pictures from our Easter.
Easter balloon from my parents on Saturday.

Easter decor.

Easter basket!  The stuff is from my parents and me.  That's my old basket, by the way.

Evelyn on Easter morning, wearing a Batman sleeper and a smile.

I'm a good mom.

Evelyn in church.

Evelyn being sleepy after church.

CHURCH SOCKS!  And I'm afraid those cute shoes will only last another month or so.

Sara took this family photo outside the church.
Grandparents at my house.  Evelyn is trying to eat her dress.

I love her expressions.

Complete Easter haul!  The pink bunny is from her Dicy, the cross is from us, and the lamb is from Sara and Chad.

Laine gave her an Easter card!  It has glitter and she bought it before Evelyn was born.  I put in places where Evelyn can see it, like near where we change her diaper.

I have to cover all the bases.  Here's Evelyn in a onesie with a chick on it, holding an Easter egg.

Sara took some pictures of Laine and Evelyn playing.

The jig is up.  Evelyn is really just a doll.  Sorry for fooling you.
I decided to do an Easter photo shoot this morning.

She loves staring at the pink bunny and the multicolored balloon.

I couldn't get pictures of it, but she laughed at the bunny and tried to eat it.

She also tried to eat her dress again.  I thought it was precious enough to eat right up, so whatever.

I hope that was enough Easter pictures for you.  We stretched out the celebrating over the course of a few days, and we'll probably party a little more today.

Especially since she can't eat that Easter candy all by herself.

I hope your Easter was wonderful!

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Laine said...

Man, your baby is pretty! I'm so glad she's photogenic...