Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evelyn is six weeks old!

Evelyn is six weeks old!  She's such a big girl!

Are you even classified as a newborn when you're six weeks old?  Or are you just a plain ol' baby then?  Obviously Evelyn's not just any old baby, but she doesn't seem as limp or fragile as she did in those first few weeks.  She seemed to have a pretty strong body and personality then, but now she's a standard baby with noises and faces and actual awake time.

I'm a little hazy on the day-to-day stuff of this past week, but I'll try to hit the high points.

Evelyn has a really strong neck.  She can hold up her giant baby head like a champ.  This is good, because she seems really interested in the world around her and needs to check things out from all angles.  She has better control of her arms and seems to recognize faces.  We know she definitely recognizes voices--I had a dentist appointment last week, and Mom held Evelyn in the waiting room.  When she came back with a sleepy baby, we were both talking to the dental hygienist and Evelyn completely fell asleep when I spoke.  Nice to know I can calm her down like that.

She's plump!  She's still kind of long and slim, but there are dimples where knuckles should be.  And little rings around her wrists and ankles.  And the loveliest double chin I've ever seen.

She really enjoyed going for walks this week and I think she likes bird sounds.

She went to another birthday party!

She had her first Easter!

She had her first overnight stay at a grandparent's house because she had her first home evacuation because a tree branch crashed through the ceiling of her first home!  She only stayed up an extra hour or so, which is impressive given the disrupted night-time routine and unfamiliar surrounding.  Then she slept a full 5 hours because she's a nice girl like that.

She spent her birthday hanging out with her Dicy and having people snuggle on her.   Obviously, Cody and I liked holding her at the end of a long day.  Her uncles have enjoyed seeing her awake.

She makes little baby noises.

She smiles a ton, especially in response to laughter.

She's practically all grown up--six weeks is such a big deal.  I feel like we've had her forever in a way--or at least a lot longer than six weeks.  I love this new life that revolves around her.  She's important and fascinating and lovely.

Here's the proof!

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Laine said...

The picture of her smiling on Easter morning (in her Batman pajamas!) is our new desktop picture at home. :)