Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Evelyn is four weeks old!

How can Evelyn be 4 weeks old?  A few days ago, Cody exclaimed that she was nearly a month old.

"No, 4 weeks is just 28 days old." I tried.

"You're nearly a month old, girl!" he told her anyway.

This is already going too fast.

I remember looking at her the evening she was born.  Her ears seemed so thin and pressed so close to her head.  I'd never seen anything like it.  The next morning they had plumped up and looked like real ears.  Every day since then has been just like that.  She changes and grows and I'm terrified I'm not taking enough pictures or staring at her enough.  At the same time, I can't wait to see what happens next. 

She has better neck control now.  She can play on her tummy for longer periods of time before she gets mad that she can't crawl.  She's outgrown her size Newborn sleepers.  I even spotted the beginning of knee dimples this week.

Our week has been pretty momentous.

Last Tuesday I woke up and realized that I'd just had a baby who was very tiny.  I opted out of a long trip for a funeral.  That's really all I remember about the day--being tired, talking to family on the phone, and marveling at Evelyn's smallness and reminding myself to stay home more and clean less.

On Wednesday, the day of the funeral, she woke up right around the time I would have been leaving my house had we been going.  It was windy and a little chilly and I watched Gilmore Girls while she ate, slept, and made diapers.  I eventually made us look presentable that afternoon and took her to the restaurant so I could have both my hands to eat and watch Evelyn's family love on her.

I remember reading when I was pregnant that no one would pay attention to me once I had a baby.  I felt ticked, because I was sure I'd want to have conversations with other adults and have help with things.  Then she got here and I, as someone who rarely makes eye contact with even my own parents, realized how lovely it was to have this baby to present to people so I wouldn't squirm under their attention.  Plus, I've been so proud to show her off.  And finally, I love knowing how loved she is.

Not all babies have everyone around them absolute losing it to be near them.  This little girl has a beautiful collection of grandparents, aunts, and uncles (related and adopted) who want to know how she's growing, who want to teach her things, who want to hold her and talk to her and love her.  It makes me feel better like nothing else ever has or probably ever will.

On Thursday evening, I got to see my side of the family love on her.  My parents and Levi brought in the stand for her (my/Laine's/Sara's/Levi's) crib and then we ran a few errands and went to dinner.  Sara met up with us and tried to hog Evelyn but Mom wouldn't let her.  I'd already seen Levi hand my parents coffee and then say they shouldn't hold hot beverages around a baby so he could steal her.  Like I said, I love knowing how loved she is.

And that night, Evelyn slept in her crib!  The basket would be big enough, except she likes to stretch her arms out.  I love the little basket and we'll use it for overnight trips and naps and rides in her wagon, but she loves that her crib swings.  I love it too.  And I love that she loves it.

You can read about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday here, but here's the library picture again just in case you're too lazy to click over.

It's important to me that you see this.

On Sunday night, she had to have another car trip with Cody.  He discovered she dislikes Tanya Tucker when "If It Don't Come Easy" came on and Evelyn cried until it ended, but that she's generally a classic country fan.  They both slept late on Monday.  We put Evelyn on my insurance and went to Dicy's house.  Did I mention that Evelyn has a crib waiting for her there?  It's Cody and Casey's old crib.  And where does Evelyn sleep when she's napping over there?  Right next to her grandma, wherever that may be.  Such a looked-after little girl.

On Tuesday, we celebrated her birthday by celebrating Brad's birthday!  We ate cheeseburgers and cupcakes but there's probably nothing more festive than that.
Brad and his yellow cake Star Wars cupcakes--made by Brook. of course.

With a surprise inside!

So festive.  Yes, Chewbaca was in the wrapper.

And where was Evelyn during the festivities?
Sleeping in my lap the whole time.  And yes, I put the cupcake outfit on her intentionally.  This is her fourth birthday party, so it's no surprise that she was completely over people laughing, yelling, or banging on tables.  Every now and then, she would jerk in her sleep and Brad and I would panic a little because we thought she'd roll out of my lap, but she never did (I was sitting cross-legged and all I had to do was shift my knees a little to accommodate her).  Yes, she sat by the birthday person!  She's special and popular like that.  I've been saying that a lot in this post, but I'm sure you already knew.

This is her sleeping through Spencer's birthday party as well.

This is her yesterday morning.

4 weeks old and wearing a onesie Grandmother got her as a joke.


Erin said...

Seriously, I totally get the liking the baby so people dont pay attention to you, I have wacky social anxiety things, so having a kid is awesome!! People dont get why I like taking him grocery shopping. For one he is a good kid and really fun, and two people notice and talk to him and not me! :-)

I may have to get a basket this time. I have always thought they looked cool and you are convincing me more and more...

Laine said...

I love how surprised she looks in those last few pictures, ha!

And, in that picture at Brad's party, she looks huge! I can't wait to see her Sunday!!