Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Evelyn is five weeks old!

Evelyn is five weeks old.  She turned one month old on Sunday.  She smiles and grins and makes new noises every day.  She changes her sleep schedule constantly.  She grows and grows and grows.

Last Wednesday, I played with putting her in a sling and went shopping.  It went pretty well.

On Thursday, she was fussy.  I realized that I hadn't eaten a meal all day and made a last-minute decision to put her in the car in the hopes that a drive would put her to sleep.  It didn't and I went to the restaurant roughly 15 minutes before closing and Casey, Spencer, and their Memaw were all impressed to see Evelyn's eyes.

On Friday, she continued to fuss and I continued to run errands.  No, I did not spot the trend.  I wore her in the sling and she slept while I planted seeds in containers.

On Saturday, she slept nearly all day.  She fussed in the morning, but stopped when I sang to her and walked her down to the farmers market for the very first time!  Naturally, people smiled at her.  She ran errands with Jessi and me, and played with Cody and me later in the day.  Then she wouldn't sleep, and then we couldn't sleep, and then we went to church in Searcy on Sunday morning.  Her grandparents were very proud and she was held by all her aunts and uncles on my side.  I occasionally saw my own child to nurse and to help Laine change her outfits, but that was about it.

She slept from nearly 11 until nearly 4:30 on Sunday-Monday!  I was delighted.  I was even more delighted when she nursed in her sleep and then stopped for a moment so that--I'm telling you this really happened--she could laugh a little.  I almost got a little dizzy because I was so happy.

On Monday, she was a much happier camper--which meant I was, too.  I can handle her crying and fussy-ness when I've had 5 hours of sleep and she eventually stops, but when I've had less than that and she won't stop it may as well be the end of the world.  On Monday she slept and ate better.  Hooray!

She also had her four-week check-up!  She measured 21.5 inches long and weighed 9 pounds and 2.4 ounces.  Her length puts her in the 65th percentile, her weight is in the 50th percentile, and her head circumfrance is in the 75th percentile.  What a brain!  Her reflexes are lovely, her muscles are strong, and once the doctor looked at her back to check her spine she was declared to be perfect.  Duh.  He really described her as "perfect".  His words, not mine.  She's really grown in this past month.

Then she got a shot and we both cried a little.  I did get to nurse her while she got the shot and that seemed to make both of us feel better.  She was distracted and I felt like I was doing something to comfort her.  Then we all went to Starbucks--her first trip!--because Cody and I needed something to drink as well.

Yesterday, we stayed home all day except for a little walk around the neighborhood.  We did this not only because I swore we'd stay home and give her skinny booty a break and let me enjoy a more regular sleep schedule--but also because Cody took the car seat to work.  Glad we were taking it easy.  Then she slept through her second tornado warning!  Sirens are nothing more than a slight annoyance for this sleeper.

She loves sleeping.  She loves eating.  She has an Easter dress.  And a backup dress.  And frilly socks.  She loves staring at your face and hearing your voice.  She tries to roll over.  She elicits comments about her hair from strangers on a daily basis.  She's growing little dimples at her knuckles.

She's healthy and alert and strong.  She's lovely.

And now for pictures!

The wall in the pediatrician's exam room was bright blue.  She was fascinated.

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