Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Evelyn is 3 weeks old!

Evelyn is three weeks old!

That's a big deal.

She likes bold colors and music.  She tolerates bright lights a little better.  She can sleep through nearly anything.  She can sneeze 5 times in a row.  She loves to be held.  She gets irritated with cell phones.

She had a big week.  I know it's not hard to have a big week when nearly everything you do is a first-time thing, but this really was a big week.

On Wednesday, I finally ordered birth announcements, and Mom and Dallas came over again to play.

On Thursday, her umbilical stump fell off and she showed us her belly button!  It's adorable.  We celebrated the milestone by (finally) giving her her first real bath.

It went pretty much like I thought it would.

Evelyn before.

Evelyn immediately after.

Evelyn even after I combed her hair.

Evelyn still being distraught.

The bath wasn't really that big of an ordeal.  She was okay most of the time during the bath, but I couldn't take pictures because Cody and I needed our hands.  Anyone care to guess what she did during her bath?  Yes, of course she did.

On Friday I decided to document her fascination with this diaper box that I use to hold baby things.

Cody and I feel kind of bad that the box doesn't talk back to her, or respond to her enthusiasm.  
Seriously, she's enraptured with it.

On Saturday she was fussy from being up a lot of the night, and so she slept quite a bit.  
She took a break to pose for me.

She looked so cute I had to stop and kiss on her a little bit.

She did not care for my demonstrative affection.  She can be aloof like that sometimes. 

She also met the neighbor on the other side of the house.
The lovely woman assured Cody that she only heard Evelyn fussing in the mornings, but since she was already awake and getting ready for work, the noise didn't bother her.  She also told him that you're not as bothered by screaming if it's not your baby.  I feel about a million more times relaxed now whenever Evelyn's unhappy and being vocal about it.

We took her to Cactus Jack's that night for the first time!  
It's Dad's favorite place to eat and we had a nice time with Sara, Chad, Levi, Dad, and Mom.  
Mom and Sara fought over Evelyn a lot.

Then she went to Barnes and Noble for the first time!  And a Starbucks in a Barnes and Noble!  She was more interested in nursing, the lights in the ceiling, and the color of Chad's shirt than in the selection but we browsed the kid section anyway.
We had to take a family photo.

 On Sunday she went to church for the first time!  Only one person touched her hair and she slept through most of the services.  She started to fuss for a little while, but then we sang a hymn and she was quiet.  The girl really likes her music.

Then we went to Romance and she was nearly inhaled by an English mastiff.  Apparently a baby's rapid heartbeat seems like she's in distress.  Mo fretted over her a lot.

Then she slept too long on the car ride home and wouldn't sleep.  After several hours of feeding, changing, rocking, and crying (both Evelyn and me), Cody put Evelyn in the car and drove until she fell asleep.  Yay for that first, I guess...  He came home around 4 in the morning.

On Monday, we left Evelyn for the first time.  I swear it was completely unrelated to the night issues.  I seriously thought about the three of us just staying home and recovering, but she was supposed to stay with her Dicy while we went out and you can't promise the woman her grandbaby and then change your mind!  So she spent 3ish hours snuggling and napping at her grandma's house (yes, two grandparent houses in under 24 hours!  She's a social girl) while Cody and I ate a meal and did some errand-running.  I missed her after about 2 hours, but I'm glad we didn't have her out in the wind.

And once we got her back, we took her on her first big trip to the grocery store!  We had a hard time fitting anything in the buggy because she was in there in her carrier, and she slept through the whole thing, but Cody and I had an exciting time.  We visited with a friend, bought produce and deli meat, and other normal Kroger things.  Amazing.

And on her birthday?  We were casual ladies.  

I cut her nails.  We stayed inside all day. She ate a lot and took a bunch of naps because she's a newborn.  Cody and I were going to give her a bath, but she fell asleep early and napped on my chest while I ate a second supper and watched TV on DVD with Cody.  

I know that's a little anticlimactic for a week-long rundown, but I'm sure Week 4 will be incredibly exciting.  She's an impressive girl with lots of things to do.


Laine said...

Did she poop in the tub? I bet she did...

She makes the best faces!

Mom2Four said...

Laine, we are really going to have to remind you that this is a public forum!!

I love all of these pictures and reading about her adventures. She stays so busy for such a young lady. And a beautiful one at that.