Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A birthday post for Spencer

Spencer is 20.

The mind reels.

He was 12 when I met him.  Now he can drive and date and wait tables at the restaurant.  It's strange to watch him be one of the youngest people I know (aside from Dallas and Evelyn) and still be so old.  He doesn't even have braces anymore. 

His brothers are in awe of his egg-cooking skills.  I like that he's pleasant, and the kind of guy you'd expect Cody's little brother to be--extremely different from Cody yet oddly similar to him.  Every so often, I tease him about drug use or accuse him of having secret tattoos because he lets me mess with him because it gives me great joy.  In reality, he's scared of drugs and his mom's reaction to a tattoo. 

Did I mention that he's smart?

He's a lovely person and I hope he has a lovely birthday.

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