Sunday, April 24, 2011

A birthday post for Dicy

Yesterday was Dicy's birthday!  We celebrated by grilling out on her deck.  She loves making people eat on her deck.  We sat amongst the potted plants and Taylor Swift playlist and had a nice little family party.

She held Evelyn, who slept through most of the evening.  This was her sixth birthday party to attend (seventh if you want to count Cody and Casey's birthday party as two separate events) before even turning six weeks old, so no one blamed her for being a little bored with things.

Dicy gave her a present anyway.

The pink bunny was technically an Easter present.  We were admiring its festiveness when Regan asked if it played music or something.  Dicy hadn't noticed the "Press Here" patch on its foot when she bought it.  It turns out that when you press the "Press Here" patch, the bunny says "Happy Easter!"  Dicy laughed and said "That's so obnoxious!" and pressed it a few more times.  She's not a noisy/flashing light toy kind of person.  I like that in a grandparent.  She has a crib and a high chair (?!) in her house.  She still hasn't picked out a grandma name for herself, but she said that Spencer called her Dicy from the time he learned to talk until he was four years old.  So maybe Evelyn can just call her that.

I really, really, really like my mother-in-law.  She's not intrusive or critical, and she was apparently a champ at raising Cody because I think he's awesome.  She's also a lovely grandma to Evelyn. 

She even took the day off of work for her birthday!  I hope she enjoyed her day, and that she has a great year.

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