Thursday, April 14, 2011

A birthday post for Dad

Today is Dad's birthday!

I love my dad.  He's great.  He's a nice guy, a good dad, and now he's a good granddad.  I don't know much about fathers-in-law, but it seems like he's good at that too.

He's had a big year.

We took him bowling for Father's Day.

Levi moved back.

I told him he would be a grandfather at my parents' anniversary party.  He thanked me.

He bought a truck.

I don't remember what happened after that because Evelyn took over my brain around the second trimester.  I remember him showing me that the back seat of his truck would anchor three carseats.

Then there was October and Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then my first baby shower.

Then there was my second shower, which he went to even though it was girls only and loaded up my car with the presents because Cody had to work.

He and Levi built Mom a raised garden bed for Valentine's Day.

Then there was my third shower from work and the day after that he had to clean up my house and lift things for me.

Then it was time for Evelyn and he turned a four-hour trip into a three-hour trip and made it to the hospital in time to see me in all my still-pregnant, drugged-out glory because he said he would make it to the hospital before I had a baby and then he did.

He's a really, really good dad.  Last week when he and Mom were running errands with me, and Evelyn was in the wagon Dad gave her, I realized I'd forgotten something and had to run back in my house.  I came back out in time to see Mom taking a cell phone picture of Dad crouched over Evelyn so his hat would shade her face from the sun.

He repaired the stand for our old cradle so that Evelyn could have it.

Part of his birthday present from me is that we'll be going to church with the family for the first time and he gets to hold Evelyn all through church and parade her around like the proud granddad he is.  I told him this somewhat jokingly and he was thrilled to no end.

They're great friends.

I can't to see what the next year's like.  I think it's going to be great.

Happy birthday, Dad!  We can't wait to party with you this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweet daughter!