Monday, March 21, 2011

Update: After 40 weeks!

I am no longer pregnant!  Evelyn is out of my belly and in our home and we are so very glad.

It's been a long, long process.

June 20: Pregnant.  But just barely.  I want you to know that this is a size 0 dress....and that it was a little roomy in the bodice.

June 26: 3 weeks and oblivious.
June 27:  Jessi, Kelly, me, and the secret baby.  I cried through her wedding, part of her reception, and then that night when I saw Toy Story 3.  As in, I sobbed hysterically during Toy Story 3 and figured the big day was just messing with my emotions.

July 4, shortly after I set my own finger on fire.  I was one day away from finding out I was pregnant.
Then I had the grouchiest day ever, checked the calendar, freaked out, took a pregnancy test, and demolished the bathroom in the process of trying to find the instructions for taking the pregnancy test after 2 lines didn't seem to look quite right.

I also took pictures of the test itself.  And of Cody and me feeling incredulous, but you're spared from those.  I look like I've had a very long day and a not-fun time at the laundromat, and Cody is all greasy and sweaty from work, and inexplicably shirtless.  We'll just save them for the baby book.

About a week after we found out, Shirley mailed me some pictures and I started to feel really excited about how cute our baby would be.

Mid-July.  I took this picture on accident and decided to save it for something special.
Something special: September's header.

July 15: Full-faced and pregnant, and not telling you.
Late July.  A Sunday trip to Hot Springs turned into burgers and a walking tour of downtown.  I watched friends eat fudge and valiantly did not die.  Cody carried my purse and probably prayed a lot.
Even later in July: I continued to avoid my family by hanging out with friends.  This time there was ice cream involved.  I valiantly did not get sick on Alana.

Sara's birthday party.  I was 9 weeks pregnant.  Cody valiantly did not die when I wouldn't let him tell our families yet.  A month's worth of secret-keeping was really starting to take a toll, and he wanted to steal Sara's thunder on her birthday.

Jessi's birthday.  I was nearly 10 weeks pregnant and this was the day before we told our families.

A month's worth of severe cramping, fatigue, and nausea + the hottest summer on record + barbecue, long walks, and cupcakes = a really bad idea.  I don't remember what happened when we got home from this Memphis day trip, but Cody might have carried me to bed.

10 weeks pregnant!  We'd told our families the day before and that afternoon.  An unexpected cool front had come through, and we ate burritos from a taco truck and then some sno-cones with friends.  We still weren't telling anyone outside the family yet.  Cody was happy because we told our families, and I was happy because I was completely vindicated in my predictions that our families would be mad at us for telling them our news and then not letting them share it.  Also because my chicken burrito was delicious.

12 weeks pregnant!  This was taken 2 days before we told the whole dang world.  Laine waited until Leah left the room so she could take this picture.  I'm wearing Laine's dress.  This was the first of many borrowing events.

14 weeks!  I actually didn't mind eating barbecue by this point and still had nothing to show for it.

15 weeks.  If you're familiar with me, you can tell something is going on.

16 weeks.  It's an actual tummy!  I was super proud.  Cody saw this picture last week and said "I don't remember you being so thin."  Then I had to tell him I was nearly 4 months pregnant in the picture.  He got very used to my pregnant look.

17 weeks in a pumpkin patch.

18 weeks.  She's a girl!

19 weeks!  This was one of the last times I wore that shirt.

20 weeks!  The dress lasted 3 more wearings.

Happy Halloween!  21 weeks and wearing maternity jeans.

22 weeks and feeling good.

23 weeks.  What a difference 9 weeks makes in a dress.

24 weeks and shopping for some maternity pants for work.  I got startled by my own belly and had to take a picture.
24.5 weeks the day before Thanksgiving.

Practically 25 weeks and Aunt Laine wants to feel her move.

26 weeks.  Whoa Nelly.

27 weeks and getting a little cranky and uncomfortable.

28 weeks on my 28th birthday!

29 weeks and enjoying Christmas feasting like never before.

30 weeks.

31 weeks.

32 weeks the night before my first baby shower.

33 weeks.  Let's be honest, you're weren't looking at my face in these pictures anyway.

34 weeks.  The dress fits just a little bit differently than it did at 9 weeks.

35 weeks, enormous, and sickly.

36 weeks.  Wow.  The dress is a Large.  An Old Navy Large.  Yes.
37 weeks with a clean house.

Laine wanted pictures from all angles.

Pulling my dress against my belly like this shocked my siblings and made my parents laugh.
38 whole weeks.
39 weeks and not much else fits.

40 weeks, and one day past my due date!

This morning.


Now I'm really excited to start posting about life with this little girl.  

Thank you for sharing our excitement about this whole adventure!

It's only going to get better.


Laine said...

This may be the best post you've ever done, really. I know I'm going to look at this like, a million times. I love it, so much.

True story: I teared up. Don't judge me. I'm just very happy she's here!

Kristina said...

This is so cool. I wish this kind of thing was around when I was pregnant. I remember when you were just a wee one yourself. (I'm only 10 yrs older than you) Congratulations once again.

Alana said...

Ahhhh!!! Tears, girl, tears!!! When I saw the picture where you were wearing the same outfit with her in your arms...ahhhh!!!! I agree with Laine. Best. Post. Ever. Give Evelyn my love!

Kelly said...

I agree with both your sister and Alana.

Best. Post. Ever.

I read it twice, and have a feeling I'll read it at least one more time today. And I am so honored to be mentioned in the post! When you announced your pregnancy, I totally thought, "did she know at my wedding?!?!"

By the way, I found out that a good friend of mine from church knows you and is also tremendously happy for you - Hope (Huckeba) Ballentine. We talked about you last night and how cute Evelyn is!

Amber said...

Definitely your best post ever!

Jen said...

Thanks, y'all!

And Kelly, I didn't have a clue. I remember trying to type out a post about you before your wedding and feeling fuzzy and inarticulate. And tell Hope I said 'hello'! I know her from MY old church. Lovely. I'm glad y'all are friends.