Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Typo Tuesday: Typos Make Me Want to Murder All the Apostrophe's

Yesterday, Cody and I went to the little temporary H&R Block in our area to file taxes.  It's apparently pretty slow, much like everything else in this area.  How slow?  Well, when we showed up in the middle of the afternoon, there were no......tax people there.  So we waited in the little waiting area and Cody browsed through a brochure extolling the fabulous businesses and sites in the Argenta district.  I peeked over his shoulder and saw this:

Check the last sentence.

I'm sorry to say that I snatched the brochure right out of Cody's hand without asking and took a picture.  Yes, I already had a camera on me.  I wanted to document our daughter's first tax-filing experience.

I don't want to be mean*, but this pharmacy smells like expired aspirin.  We've been in there a few times and I feel like showering the dust and despair off of me afterward.  Seriously, they are trying to sell "vintage" pantyhose even though they really haven't been able to move those pairs of pantyhose since 1983.

And now this.  I mean, sure, I shouldn't be surprised by something like this.  But holy smokes.


For the millionth time, slapping an apostrophe and an 'S' against the end of a word indicates possession.  The plural of "pharmacy" is "pharmacies" if you're curious.  Goodness knows no one in publishing is.  This is what happens when people in Arkansas try to do something important. 

* Yes, I do.


Laine said...

The best sentence in this whole post is the last one. "This is what happens when people in Arkansas try to do something important." Haha.

Poor Arkansas

Teca said...

I have a question. What is the correct punctuation usage for this sentence? I saw your sister at Pei Wei's. I saw your sister at Pei Wei. Is that the correct way?

Jen said...

The full name is "Pei Wei Asian Diner" so the correct usage is "Pei Wei." Not Pei Wei's, Kroger's, or Barnes & Nobles.

(Even though I say all of those things.)