Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today I slept late.

I have a hard time sleeping in (or these days, just sleeping) so today is a good day.

Plans for the day:

  • Finally watch the DVD The Business of Being Born
  • Working on the baby afghan
  • Keep knitting a hat on circular needles while I'm still not-horrible at it
  • Walking around since it's kind of warm out and things are blooming
  • And washing the dishes and sweeping the floors.  I guess.

Things I've already done:
  • Uh, well, I slept late.
  • I showered.
  • I bought apples at the corner grocery store, used their Internet, and told some bicyclers I'd watch their bikes for them since they forgot their bike locks and had to order sandwiches.
  • Sent Cody a text that the corner store now has candy bins.  There are gummy bears!
  • Worked on this amazing post for you.

In conclusion, here's a spring picture for you:

Daffodils, March 2010.

Tomorrow is Friday!  It's been a while since I've done a happy list post, so I think I'll do that.  There will be more spring time pictures and possibly a few references to Martha Stewart. 

Have a lovely day!


Laine said...

I'm not sure if those bicyclers were smart, or dumb, letting you watch their bikes. Smart, because you're a hugely pregnant woman, so it's not like you can steal them. Or, dumb, because if anyone tried to snatch them, you're a hugely pregnant woman, and can't stop them. Risk-takers, those bike riders...

Jen said...

I told the woman that I wouldn't be able to chase down any bad guys, but she said shaking my fist would work well enough.

Levi sent me a text yesterday and all it said was "Thay are called cyclists." How he got "cyclists" right and not "they", I don't know. But yay readership!

Lisa Blount said...

What'd you think of "The Business of Being Born"?

Jen said...

Wow, I saw this comment late last night and realized I never got around to watching it! So I watched it first thing this morning, which might not have been the best plan of action to take on my due date. Some of it I already knew, some of it seemed a little alarmist, and most of it was pretty great. It made me a little more nervous (than I already was) about trying to do my thing in a hospital, but my doctor seems fairly hands-off and I'm counting on Cody for a lot of help. I feel a little more confident that I can do this now.