Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This post has been brought to you by maternity leave and Starbucks


I've been on maternity leave for nearly 24 hours.  It feels weird.

Here's what I've accomplished so far:
  • Got our office manager/administrative assistant to agree to distribute the rest of my thank-you notes to co-workers in other divisions after my work shower.
  • Frantically stabbed balloons from my work shower and then ripped the strings off my chair in my office 10 minutes after I'd told Cody I'd meet him at the front of our building.
  • Had a mild freak-out in Cody's car about how I'm about to burn through nearly 3 years' worth of leave.
  • Discovered we won't have Internet service until Saturday.
  • Had a less-than-mild tantrum about Internet.
  • Got Cody to take me to Barnes so I could catch up on some much-needed Facebook stalking.
  • Made sure my pictures were saved to about 3 different places and then deleted 6 months' worth of pictures (over 1,900) off of my camera in one fell swoop so we can fill up that memory card with pictures of a certain little girl.
  • Felt vaguely sick after deleting pictures.
  • Washed the dishes.
  • Wore pajamas until I showered at 11 this morning.
  • Put on more pajamas after showering. 
  • Washed 3 loads of clothes.  We have a washer now.  Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier.  My house is covered in damp clothes right now and it's fantastic!  (I am not being sarcastic.)
  • Put pictures from late May until November in photo albums.  
  • Ran out of photo albums.
  • GOT A PEDICURE! I've always wanted one, never had one, and may have paid too much for one.  I don't care.  I've been so afraid this baby would come along before I had the chance to get one and I was going to be stuck with these feet.  But now I feel pretty.
  • Went to Starbucks for the Internet.
  • Kicked myself for not bringing the power cord with the laptop to Starbucks.  We have a laptop now, too.  Did I tell you that?  The last few weeks have been hectic.
  • Got some good news from a friend.
  • Read this sweet post from another sweet friend.
  • Texted with Mom, Dad, and Levi.
  • Sent Laine my daily email.
  • Noticed I need to add "Laine" to Firefox's dictionary.
  • Added "Laine" to Firefox's dictionary.
  • Wondered what Sara was up to.
  • Frantically typed out this post.

So far, it's been good!  I haven't taken a nap today, but there's always tomorrow.
Plans for the rest of the day include buying more photo albums and taking pictures of my feet.  The baby's plans appear to be to just bum around in my belly and kick me every now and then.  I have my weekly doctor's appointment in the morning and we'll probably know more then about what this kid is planning.

I'm thinking she's planning nothing.  But since I've got the week to myself, that's just fine by me.


Laine said...

1. I didn't realize you'd never had a pedicure! Glad you've fixed that now, very worth it. And now your feet will look very nice when you have the baby. I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say that I feel that is very important.

2. I'm pretty surprised with how productive you've been on your first day off!

3. If you talk to your baby, please tell her to plan something. I'm starting to appear insane, I've had my bags packed for so long. They're sitting in the middle of my bedroom, and I will NOT let anyone move them.

4. Thanks for the email. I, dead serious, got extcited when I saw the window pop up. Work's been weird without you today...

Jessica said...

I'm so pumped about your sweet baby girl!!

You wanna know my thought when I woke up this morning (I know that's odd lol!):
"How much has she dilated!?"

Good luck at your doc appt. tomorrow; I'm praying for y'all.

Love ya!