Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This is our first full day at home and our first holiday with Evelyn.

It's been nice so far.

We've celebrated by nursing, wearing green, laying on the couch a lot, scheduling appointments, making plans, and loving on our sweet girl. 

She's nearly 2 days old!  I think her hair has grown.  Yikes.

Cody is a lovely dad.  He's really good at talking to her and rocking and changing diapers. 

Evelyn is really good at making diapers.  She's going at it like it's her full-time job.  The fact that she can squeeze in any sleeping, eating, and constant flailing at all is impressive.  (I'm almost not joking.  It's nice to know that everything is working fine with this girl.)

She's a mover.  I recognize certain movements from when she was in my belly.  She stretches and kicks and randomly throws out her hand above her head like Celine Dion.  Then she swiftly brings it back down.  It makes us laugh every time.

And me?  I'm happy and tired and on drugs.  I didn't think I'd be one of those Birth Story bloggers, and it turns out I'm not.  But I will say that when people would ask "Are you going all natural?" and I'd say "That's our plan,".....that the plan changed.  It happens.  The doctor decided to push things along and lo, where there is Pitocin there will also be an epidural (or there should be).  Then I got a little injured in the process and now I have a prescription for ..... I forget.  I'm on it now and a little sleepy and my head feels funny.  And very amused that everyone who expressed concern throughout my pregnancy about the Mountain Dew to milk ratio for the baby started out small with their worries.

(I am kidding.  I would never nurse with anything scary in my system.  This is safe.)

Do I care?  Not really.  I'm hanging out with a perfect and healthy baby who is perfect and healthy.  And mine!  And super cute.  Want some proof?  That's what I thought.

She's napping in her  festive onesie, next to the flowers my family brought her yesterday.  Such a spring-y baby.

She's really good at kicking off socks.

But she seems to like her mittens.  She waves them in her own face and stares.

She has her first pediatrician's appointment tomorrow, I guess so they can tell whether I'm feeding her well enough.  I think she's going to blow everyone away with her awesomeness.

Excuse my bias.  She's so wonderful and we're so happy she's here.  Thank you so much for your texts and comments and emails and prayers and.....everything.  We appreciate it so much.  We're having a great time.

It's the best St. Patrick's Day ever.


Laine said...

She looks bigger already! And so pretty. I like her St. Patrick's day outfit, very festive! And I love her little mittens, glad she's keeping them on!

Tell her: thatIloveherandImisshersomuchandI'llcomeseeherSundayandthenI'llgiveherakiss.

The end.

Laine said...

Boo, it cut off part of my previous comment. The last part says: andI'llgiveherakiss.

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty! And so much hair. Congratulations to everyone.

Alana said...

Jen, she really is just perfect and I absolutely love that she is dressed for the holiday. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!

Sarah, Robert, and Ben :) said...

Love this post! and love that you both are doing great! you are so very lucky everything went so smoothly and you are already home with her! This is amazing to me since I wasn't home w/ Ben until 7 days after his birth! Anyways!! She is really beautiful and I'm so happy to hear you are still nursing:) :) :) :)

Teca said...

My top 5 things about this entry:
5. Y'all are home safe and sound;
4. The fact that Evelyn June is not bald;
3. That you share just enough of the labor and delivery without being graphic and gross;
2. the St. Patrick's Day onesie is cute; however,
1. Not as cute as Evelyn June. She's a pretty spectacular baby!!!

Teca said...

Number 6 would be the Celine Dion comment. Cracked me up! I imagined the Celine and Evelyn June doing the motion at the same time!!!

Laine said...

I love Ateca's comment!

Is it bad that I'm glad she's not bald too? Her hair is so pretty! Mrs. Lis commented on one of my FB pictures, and said her hair reminded her of how Levi's was when he was born, which is true!

Kelly said...

Your little Evelyn is absolutely beautiful. I mean, I knew she was going to be cute, but to see her in these pictures is just amazing. I am so happy for you and Cody. Have a fantastic first weekend!