Friday, March 11, 2011

Fridays are for happy lists

Happy Friday!

I'm blogging from home.

Technically, we don't have the Internet at home.  I mean, we do.  the guy came and we're supposedly good to go.  But there were wires and I was confused and Cody said he could do it when he came home, and if he can't then we'll call his cousin's fiance and make him do it. But for now, I'm being very still in my living room and using the network for Main Street.  It's very weak and apparently very insecure. I don't have much to hide, so if I'm going to transmit information across the Internet it may as well be along the lines of laundry and pictures of home (even if some of the pictures may be a little messed up because of loading problems.  Sorry!).  So now that I've started off the list with some lazy happiness (I do not feel like leaving the house today), let's keep going!

Clean laundry.  I went crazy and washed both shower curtain liners today and they still haven't blown off the clothesline in the back yard.  Amazing.  Another load of clothes just finished and if I can ever haul myself out of this recliner, I'll press my luck and hang them outside as well.  Yay for clean clothes!  And yay for wearing sweat pants and one of Cody's t-shirts when clothes aren't clean!

Tulips. You may have heard, but there are tulips around downtown North Little Rock.  Technically, they have something to do with breast cancer. Dicy, however, chooses to believe they're in honor of the baby's arrival.  Either way, they're very pretty.

Plants in general.  I have 3 different things growing on my side porch, courtesy of Mom.  We have rosemary, parsley, and lettuce.  I'm loving spring so much that I'm not even pulling up the weeds around our sidewalk because it's nice to see things growing everywhere.

CANDY!  The Argenta market now has candy in bins.  Even grandma candy.  I am excited.

Martha Stewart.  Last month's issue of Martha Stewart Living had planting instructions.  This month's issue is a total mystery to me because I haven't even peeked at it yet.  I also have a Martha Stewart DVD from the library about planting things.  Exciting!

Last night, I organized all of our fiction books on the bookcase so they're once again (finally!) alphabetical by author.  We've moved the bookcase twice in the past month, and so things were pretty out of order.  But now they're not.

Cleanliness.  The tub is clean, the shower curtain liners are clean, and the stove top is clean.  It probably took 30 minutes of scrubbing that stove top to get the job done, but it's really pretty now.

Sara came by yesterday and she gave me a baby bag!  We also had a nice little visit.  I love how bright and easy-to-clean this is.

 And that's about it.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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