Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday of firsts

Another week with Evelyn is winding down and we've had a lot of fun.  It's been our first full week with her!  Cody has had his first full week of working and baby-raising (he got to take off a whopping 2.5 days last week), and I've had my first full week of staying at home with a dependent infant.  Which is scary when I type it out.  We generally don't think about it that much.  We're loving this adventure.

Evelyn seems generally okay with us.  And that's fine.

Yesterday in particular was HUGE.

We started off the day by waking her up, changing her diaper and clothes, and throwing her in the car without feeding her.  She was not pleased.  But we had to go to the Honda dealership to pick up Cody's car before he went into work early.  Have you heard about the Fit recall?  Scary stuff.  Fortunately for us, I haven't been driving.  So Cody's been driving my car until we could take his car in.  And then yesterday we went to pick it up (and PS: it did need to have parts replaced....yes, this is the same vehicle that drove me to the hospital and then drove us back home with an infant daughter in the backseat) which meant:

Evelyn rode in the car with me driving for the first time!

She wasn't especially impressed with my driving skills, which I must say have improved now that I can fully move my legs again without them being pressed down by a belly, because of the breakfast thing but she was somewhat happier once we hit another milestone.

Evelyn listened to her first album!  

After some careful thought, I went with My Morning Jacket's Z.  Because it's my favorite, it seems to have the most infant ear-friendly sounds, and Cody gave it to me.  This wasn't her first time to listen to My Morning Jacket (for the record, their first song I played for her was "The Bear"), but it was her first full-length album.

The fact that we listened to about half of it while she nursed in a Target parking lot may have made the experience a little better for her as well.  And yes, that brings me to yet another Big Deal for our day.

Evelyn went to Target for the first time!

It's a special moment in a young woman's life.  I think she mostly liked staring at the florescent lights.  The trip itself was fairly productive and uneventful.  I loaded her back into her car seat (we're getting better at working those buckles and straps!) and got on the highway ...... and realized I hadn't gotten half of the necessities I'd intended to buy.  So I headed down the road, "Dondante" playing along, to another Target.  That's right:

Evelyn went to Target a second time!

I know, it doesn't look that exciting even with an exclamation point.  But still.

This time, I was the one with the firsts.  First time to use a public stall while holding a baby, first time to use a restroom changing table (I used my changing mat), first time to nurse while shopping and walking through a store.

Yes, really.  She's a snacker.  Levi bought me a backpack for our laptop and I decided to use it as the day's diaper bag.  I am so, so, so glad I did.  It kept my hands free for important things like holding a shopping basket and a baby. 

She fell asleep after about 10 minutes because, hello, this was not her first Target trip and she's a worldly and cosmopolitan lady.  She's kind of above all that. 

And then!

I got to defend my parenting choices to a stranger while simultaneously keeping her from touching my baby!

Tell me, is this large font/exclamation point usage making this look exciting at all?

Yes, a cashier (not my cashier--she was nice) was appalled that I would take my baby out into the wind without a blanket because that could give her 'the colic' even after I explained that I was covering her face and ears with my sweater because this girl is a burrower.  Then she tried to touch my baby as she asked how old she was.  I calmly yelled "No! No!  She's a week and a half old!" while clutching her to me and backing away and the woman looked at me like I was crazy for fearing her germs and not the colic-causing wind.

Tired and hungry, I went for another adventure.

Evelyn went to Kierre's Kountry Kitchen for the first time!

I had told Cody that morning that I'd like to take her in a week or so, but I changed my mind and decided to surprise him.  He misses her when he goes to work and he didn't get to see much of her the night before or that morning. 

And I was hungry.

He was happy to see her.  As was everyone else.

I thought I'd missed the lunch rush, but there were still plenty of family and regulars to be amazed by her little nose and long hair.  She was held by one aunt and two grandmas while I ate a bucket-load of food.  Everyone else just held her little hands through her sleeper (yay for those mitten sleeves!) or patted her on the head.  Dicy paraded her around 4 or 5 tables and announced that this was her first grandbaby.  People were very impressed and Dicy was very proud. 

Naturally, Evelyn slept through the whole thing.  This made everyone say she had Kierre traits because those people do love their naps.  If you've every had Cody in your house, you know exactly what I mean.

And I got to take this little picture of 4 generations.

Photo taken with my cell phone and then texted to Laine, who then emailed this to me so I could save it to my computer and upload it to blogger.  This is what happens to people who leave their cameras at home on important adventure days.

We even went to Kierre's again that night!  Mom, Dad, and Levi came into town to deliver a little red wagon to Evelyn (pictures to follow at some other time because my camera's batteries and I are in a fight right now.  I don't want to talk about it.) and then:

Evelyn rode in a truck for the first time!


My parents got to see her little music quirk!

We interrupted her evening feeding--the girl could not catch a break yesterday!--and so she fussed in the truck.  I asked Dad to turn on some music and BOOM.  She was immediately silent.

Mom assures me this is weird in such a young baby.  As is her ability to sneeze 4 times in a row.  The girl loves country music.  And sneezing.

Anyway, her great-grandma and her dad.....and her uncles......and her great-uncle......and more waitresses were all very happy to see her and I was happy to eat while someone (several someones, really) held her.

Then we went home and put her in her carrier and tested out the wagon in the house, but you'll have to wait for those pictures.  Obviously they're adorable.  Mom and I--fine, mostly Mom--gave her another bath where we took crazy measures to keep her belly button dry and washed the smell of catfish out of her little baby hair.  She didn't even fuss this time.  It was her third bath, after all.

And I think she may have been just a little worn out.

It was a pretty big day.


Eden said...

Oh my gosh, this makes me tired just reading about it.

You should let me know when you make another Kierre's run so I can accidentally run into you guys there and hold baby Evelyn. :)

Laine said...

I'm crazy impressed you took her to Target, twice, by yourself! You're super mom!