Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Evelyn is two weeks old!

Evelyn is two weeks old!

I'm a little freaked out.  This is going just a bit too fast for me.  Sure, she has no teeth and she's hanging onto her gross belly button and sometimes she only sleeps in two-and-a-half-hour spurts like the newborn she is, but dadgummit.  She's so big!  Her hair is so (much) long(er)!  

She can lift her head more.

We're convinced she can really smile because of her timing.

She loves eating and sleeping and being held.

This morning she squirmed her way down to the end of her basket so that she had to sleep with her legs scrunched up against her belly and it was the most precious thing I'd ever seen.

She may as well be magic.  She's healthy and pretty and alert.  We couldn't ask for more.

She's had a big week!

Last Tuesday, she turned one week old!  I celebrated by sending Cody a text of what she was doing at exactly 3:20.  (Sleeping.)

On Thursday, I was exhausted so I stayed inside all day and wore pajamas and waited until Evelyn was passed out to cut her fingernails.  We both made it through just fine.

Saturday was cold and rainy, so we stayed inside.  The three of us took turns taking naps.  Evelyn was pretty fitful, and stayed up until 4 on Sunday morning.

No surprise, she slept through most of Sunday.  Cody and I slept in, and didn't do much.  Since we were awake at 5 after midnight, I'd already had him open his birthday presents from me.  Later in the evening, Evelyn went to her grandma Dicy's for the first time to celebrate her dad and uncle's birthday by sleeping through visiting, dinner, singing, cake, presents, and more visiting.  Pretty much everyone held her and I even saw Cody go up to my mom and tell her he needed a turn.  She woke up once to nurse, and then we took her home.

She slept eerily through the night and only woke up twice to be changed and fed.  We were creeped out, but thankful for the rest.

On Monday, the weather was nice!  She spent a pleasant afternoon in her wagon!  Finally!  Cody was giddy.  Evelyn was sleepy.  I found her hairbows.  She looked good when we rolled that wagon to our nearest H&R Block to do our taxes, and then when we ran some errands.

Fact: The Argenta Market will let you roll your baby through the store in a wagon.  Thank goodness.  Because we did.

Evelyn and Cody are completely ready for a traveling adventure.
Cody picked out her outfit.  It has a rollerskating giraffe on it and a tag that reads "Cutie on the go."  No kidding.

This is Evelyn waiting on us to finish our taxes.  It was pretty bright in there, so we kept her covered.

Later that evening, we went to Dicy's house to drop off laundry and steal food while she held Evelyn.  Evelyn made weird little noises the entire time she slept.  Then we headed to the mall so I could pick up another nursing top because this is apparently what I do now.

Now it's Tuesday all over again and she's two weeks old!

She was up a lot in the night so she's sleeping hard now.  I think later we'll celebrate her birthday by cutting her nails again and staying indoors in our pajamas.  Yes, she already needs to have her fingernails cut again.

She's a swiftly growing girl.


Laine said...

I love all of these pictures.

It really does look like she's trying to smile! She looks so smart. Not surprising though.

I love that wagon. Very handy, obviously.

She is growing too fast! I will be there shortly to live on your couch, so I'm present for all this growing and changing. It makes me sad that I'm missing it!

Did you tell her I said "Happy Two Week Birthday!!!" in an excited voice? Don't forget!

Alana said...

These pictures made my day! She really is growing! I bet she enjoyed being in that wagon...too cute!