Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evelyn is one week old!

Evelyn has been here for a week!  It's been a really momentous week.  I wanted to tell you all of the things she did, and what we've already learned about her, but I want a nap.  So instead, here are pictures of her family loving on her.  Grandmother and Dallas haven't met her yet, but Dallas is coming to play tomorrow and I'm really excited.  I don't know when Grandmother will get to see her, but that's going to be a grand party.  And in April, some lucky person is going to drive us to Oklahoma so she can meet Mamaw and EA.  She's been meeting friends and relatives as the week has gone on, and she's going to get to meet tons more for Cody and Casey's birthday, Easter, and just as time goes on.

One last thing: I'm typing this in bed and I'm on my stomach.  What a wonderful day this is.

And now: Evelyn's family!  (With the exception of Cody and me, I putting the pictures in the chronological order of who held her.)


Dicy (she doesn't have a grandparent name yet)

Aunt Laine

Uncle Levi
Aunt Bodie

Uncle Chad

Uncle Casey

Uncle Robert
Uncle Spencer


It's obvious that everyone who's met her completely loves her.  Happy birthday, Evelyn!


Laine said...

I like that we're all looking at her in those pictures. She's so lovable.

Are you tired of me commenting all the time yet? Hope not...

Erin said...

You post pictures of a baby now..that makes me grin really big and makes me happy.

And makes me super anxious for the fall!!!

Jennifer said...

Aww! Congrats. That is such a precious name!