Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2

There is still no baby.  Obviously.

I'm already starting to get a little panicky at the thought of using up tons of leave with no baby to spend it with, but oh well.  I was thinking about it this morning, and there's pretty much no way I could have kept working anyway.  I'm worn out.  And a real danger to the people who keep expressing their utter disbelief that I'm not 30 seconds away from delivery.  At least this way I'll be in a better frame of mind when our little person gets here.  Or something.

Today was the day I woke up far too early and just stayed in bed because I could.  Also, because I was exhausted.  We went to the doctor for the week's appointment and.....

I'm just too good at baby-growing.  She's not leaving.  I'm exactly the same as I have been for the past weeks, only now I weigh more.  I actually nearly weigh as much as Levi.  Watch out!  But since my weight gain is 'perfect' and my blood pressure is fine, my doctor's not too worried about things--especially since the baby's movements are as strong as ever and her heartrate is excellent.

She may be worried about things 7 days from now, but I've decided to think I'll have the baby before then.  So everything will be fine.  Yes.

Today was also the day Cody and I went to the library and ate gyros in the River Market because they're delicious.  And I did laundry and swept my floors.  Later I'll organize the papers from 2010 for when we finally get around to doing our taxes. Unless the baby shows up, we'll probably do that this weekend.  We keep cautiously making plans and follow them up with 'Unless we're having a baby.'  Of course.  So Saturdays non-baby plans are to plant beet seeds and file taxes once Cody gets off work.

I've got quite a few activities to keep me busy until then.  I'm going to order pictures from February so I can put them in an album, iron clothes, and work on the baby's album.  I also may fix our fiction shelf later in the afternoon.  It's not in alphabetical order.

Yes, things are very busy and important over here.  

Don't worry, I'll keep filling you in on the exciting details of my life and I'm sure I'll have enthralling things to say tomorrow.

Unless we're having a baby.

You know.

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