Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Typo Tuesday: Typos Can Make Your Mom Sad

These are my friends, Bryan and Christina.

Bryan and Christina are lovely people, and I'm not just saying that because Christina gave me some lovely skeins of yarn she'd been finding here and there over the course of the year.

Behold: the Bryan and Christina contributions to my yarn collection are circled in red.

Guess what else was in my glitter-covered gift bag yarn-y Christmas joy?

This card advertising for a restaurant that we don't have in the area.

Whether Fate brought us together or Bryan and Christina thought I'd get a kick out of this, I'll never know.

(Unless I ask.....and I'm a little too lazy to do that.)

But this is just ridiculous.

2 out of the 3 apostrophe uses in this ad are correct.  But the one that is not correct is a big, fat, glaring display of wrong.

Mom's love fish.

Mom's [plural somethings] love fish.

Not only is this an attempt at a really lazy generalization (although I must say, my mom likes fish.  Love might be taking it a little far, though), but it's just so wrong. 

Mom loves fish.
Moms love fish.
Mom's face loves being kissed by an obviously fake fish.

I don't know what Fish City Grille is trying to say here, but it definitely should not be "Mom's love fish."


Brad said...

Maybe it's "Mom is lovefish"?

Jen said...

Good one--I hadn't thought about that! But then there's a spacing error to worry over, so it's still a typo. They just can't win.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Love Fish is a species of fish that belongs to Mom...