Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday grab bag

I had chili for lunch and it made my nose run.

I really don't care about our impending tornadic doom.  This is Arkansas--we've all done this a few times before.

This is my yarn situation right now.

Turquoise: given to Jessi in the hopes that she'll make fluffy baby hats with them
Pink: scarves
Yellow: a wreath
Uncircled: ready for anything!

I've bought some more yarn since then, but I don't remember what kind other than some orange yarn and more yarn for the afghan.

Alana told me yesterday that it was National Banana Bread Day.  I vowed to observe the holiday next year.

I went to Babies'R'Us the other night to pick up an extra car seat base and wound up buying more nightgowns and a onesie for St. Patrick's Day.  

St. Patrick's Day is going to be the baby's first national holiday, and since she's probably not a green beer fan and I can't figure out how to put a green glitter top hat on an infant, a commemorative onesie will have to do.

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair red?  I have.  This is not related to St. Patrick's Day.

Have you ever realllly wanted a nap?  I do right now.

This morning, I woke Cody up at 7 so he could make coffee and run to the corner store for milk (every time he goes without me the same cashier asks him if I've had the baby yet).  Then I spent 10 minutes drinking a cup of coffee and talking to that sweet man about our plans for the day.  Backaches and ants in the kitchen aside, I really am living a life better than my wildest dreams.

Don't worry, Cody already called the landlord about the ants.  We feel like morons because the bug guy was spraying around the outside of the house last week and Cody told him we didn't need any bug guy services inside the house.  We're just lucky with our timing like that.  I bet he chased the ants inside. 

Remember when I said I was going to learn to knit with Elizabeth Zimmerman on DVD because she said I could make a hat using only circular needles?  In lesson 3, you learn that she was lying because she whips out 4 double pointed needles to cast off to make the top part of the hat!  Four!  Four knitting needles you're supposed to use all at the same time.  That's just crazy talk!

I'll figure out a way to knit a hat.  It just won't look that good.  But it won't be involving 4-pronged witchcraft or whatever it is that she's doing that I'm too uncoordinated to attempt, that's fordarnedsure!

The lessons weren't a total waste of time.  I learned a lot about circular knitting, casting on and off, and making patterns.  And that none of it is as scary as I thought.  Baby steps.

There's a guy in IT who loves Mt. Dew even more than I do, even though he can't drink it any more because he has diabetes (most likely from drinking too much Mt. Dew).  He gave me a collectible Mt. Dew delivery truck a few months ago and I keep it in my office because it's much classier than my giant Mt. Dew poster.

Well, today he came in and said it was never too early to start saving for the baby's education and gave me a Mt. Dew delivery truck that's a piggy bank!  Excuse me while I faint from the cuteness.  He is definitely getting a thank-you note.

I think I only have 10 more thank-you notes to write and then I'll be caught up.  Amazing.

I want more Mt. Dew, but I'm not going to have any more today.

I will have a Reese's egg, though.  With a banana.  I'm health conscious like that.


Laine said...

I can't wait to see a picture of that piggy bank! I'm quickly figuring out that the people you work with really like you, that's so nice!

No, I've never wanted to dye my hair red. Which is strange, because I do enjoy coloring my hair.

Mom2Four said...

I LOVE that truck!! How sweet of him. I do agree that it looks better than your poster.

So sorry about the ants.