Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is my Valentine-y post for 2011

Glitter!  Stamps!  Birds!  Love is clearly in the air.

 Cody and I mostly celebrated the date aspect of Valentine's Day on Sunday with a trip to the Flying Saucer.  I had important chicken sandwich needs.  Cody always says he'll try one of their beers and then doesn't.

Cody, on a date.

Jen, on a date.

 We also went to the library and saw some friends.  We wrapped up the night with some television on DVD.

Yesterday--real Valentine's Day--was nice: I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep, so I went to the couch around 4:30.  Cody woke up at 6 and couldn't fall back asleep, so he shuffled into the living room and sat with me.  I like seeing him in the mornings.  He made coffee, and then I asked him to drive me to work because I could.

Then I worked like crazy and didn't even have time to do so much as wish you a happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day anyway, though.

Cody picked me up in the afternoon and we went to the doctor's office because Monday is baby day.  My blood pressure is excellent, I don't have Strep B (which means I won't need IV antibiotics during delivery!  Sweet.), and I didn't gain any weight.  I was sick for some of last week, so I'm not surprised.  And the nurse practitioner who examined me doesn't think this is the week of the baby.  I'm fine with that.

Then we browsed through some books at Barnes & Noble while drinking Starbucks.  We went home so I could change shirts (after spilling said Starbucks on myself) and so we could exchange gifts.

Cody gave me Kevin Brockmeier's The Illumination, a heart-shaped box of chocolates (even though I'd already gotten some for myself on Saturday.  His box was bigger), and a sweet note.  I'm a sucker for sweet notes.  

On our first Valentine's Day together, he broke into my dorm room and put a box of chocolates on my bed with a piece of notebook paper folded in half that said "Jen's Special Hallmark Card".  He'd written me a letter about gifts he wished he could give me, and told me how special he thought I was.  He also asked that I overlook any spelling or grammatical errors in the letter that may have occurred because he was nervous.  I was so flattered that I didn't even catch the errors (there were at least 4) until several readings later.

(I also had a talk with Kelly, who lived 2 doors down, about letting boys know when I was in the shower so that they could break into my room.  Boundaries, people!)

And what did I give Cody in return on our first holiday as a couple?  Well, I went to Wal-Mart and made Sara help me pick out the ugliest stuffed animal I could find, which turned out to be this pink gorilla:

It's holding a rose.  That's romantic, right?  (The giraffe was from the next year.)

He was thrilled, just like he was thrilled this year when I presented him with 2 metal loaf pans that Laine picked out for me.  We have glass loaf pans and they're two different thicknesses and their baking times can differ by as much as 20 minutes, etc. etc. etc.  Anyway, he's had his eye on metal pans for a while and I thought this would be something he'd like. 

I haven't made him a card yet, but I will tonight.

I know, I'm very romantic and on the ball right now.

He doesn't seem to mind.  He'd marry me all over again (or so he wrote in his little note to me that he tucked into my book.  I'm holding him to that!).  He likes the baking pans.  He likes that I'm not my usual self because I'm busy growing our baby and it won't be much longer.  We're enjoying our downtown dates and our trips to the library and sitting on the couch, just the two of us.  We're even enjoying our weekly baby appointments because nothing says romance like hanging out with a bunch of women in an OB/GYN waiting room with Dr. Phil blaring on the TV.  Okay, fine, we just like hearing the baby's heartbeat at these appointments (around 140 beats per minute yesterday!).

We spent the evening with Dicy and Casey because she made dinner.  We exchanged cards and then I didn't wash dishes on Valentine's Day.  Woo hoo!  She also sent us home with some cake and I stole her Christmas candy.  Also we ate some of the chocolate-covered strawberries off of the fruit arrangement Spencer gave Regan (Dicy said it was okay!).  Then we made a quick trip to the grocery store before going home to watch Hawaii Five-O.

Valentine's Time 2011 can be summed up like this:
  • Lunch date
  • Walking
  • A back rub (for me--maybe there was a little too much walking on Sunday)
  • Sweet little baby heartbeats
  • Strolling through a book store
  • Love and affection
  • Chocolate.  So much chocolate.
  • No kitchen clean-up
  • Bringing the pink gorilla out of retirement, a yearly tradition
I'd say it was basically perfect.


Kelly said...

Look, don't shoot the matchmaker. I was just trying to ensure your eternal happiness...

And I love your card. It's totally on the fridge.


Jen said...

And I love your card! You can see it over my shoulder in the last post. It was the first Valentine to make to the banner of love. Thanks for always ensuring my happiness.