Friday, February 11, 2011

snow days and sick days

I had a Snow Day!

I actually had 2 snow days.  Normally, during times like this, I'll go in to work and wait to be dismissed.  I love accruing extra leave for risking my personal safety, and this is our busiest time.  But I've spent most of this week being sick and sleep-deprived and I just really, really, really didn't want to come in.  

And frankly, my supervisor really, really, really didn't want me to come in either.  I'm hugely pregnant and I think I'm a workplace liability just trying to use the water cooler these days.  You should have seen how relieved she looked when I told her I wouldn't be trying to come in to work on Wednesday (our offices were technically closed on Thursday). 

But the very best part of the snow days?  Cody was off, too!  It was amazing.  It was like having a weekend together.  I've been griping about his schedule a lot for the last few weeks.  I'm not sure why, but the time we spend apart has really been bugging me.  So to have this time for just the two of us (with plenty of groceries on hand) was better than a vacation at the beach.  Maybe.

We slept in, we cooked and cleaned, we read, I napped, I worked on projects (the baby and I are mostly packed for the hospital!), things got a little better organized, and we generally lazed around and enjoyed each other's company.

I was also sick as a dog, but I kind of didn't mind since I was at home and in my pajamas. It's also lovely to just be at home and only hear yourself cough.  I have intense dislike for listening to other people cough, and when it happens at work I listen angrily to everyone's hacking and throat-clearing and wonder if they're the idiots who made me sick by bringing their stupid germs into my work environment.  But at home, I'm only around my own germs and they never seem to affect Cody.  He felt bad that he couldn't do anything to help me feel better, but I do think I've got him talked into at least trying to carry our next baby.  It would be quite the literal and figurative weight off of me if he could help out a little more by having the next pregnancy.

When I wasn't busy being sick or sleepy or making outrageous demands, I was busy taking almost no pictures.  The air was too cold for my lungs, so I never ventured outdoors to see everything all snowy.  I never got out of my house--or my pajamas--for 2 straight days. 

But since it feels weird to have a post without pictures, here are some for you, anyway.

This is my wreath for February!  I was lazy and just stuck the felt hearts to it with pins.

I never showed you, but this was the wreath in January.  It was a little trickier getting the Mamaw snowflake ornaments to stay, but I did it with bent paper clips.

Yes, I am another one of those blogging girls with the yarn-covered wreaths.  A lot of people do them for a reason, okay?  The reason is that they're really cute.  I'm thinking of covering it in bunnies for March.  I'm wishing now that I had picked a theme for our little girl's decor and that the theme had been rabbits.  I told Cody this and he looked concerned for my well-being.  Whatever.  Nothing says spring time and babies like little bunny rabbits.

This is my garland for February, by the way.  Yay hearts!

I also took pictures of some the Valentines I worked on during my little break, but I can't show you those.  However, if you're far away from me, you'll probably be receiving them in the mail tomorrow or on Monday.

So now that I'm here at work, and feeling much better, let me wish you a very happy weekend with lots of melted snow and Valentine-y activities!

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