Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because we need even more projects

We have a quilt design!

Cody's been wanting to make a quilt for the past year or so, and I thought it would be a fun project to do together.  Once we found out we were having a baby we knew we'd have to make a little quilt for our little person.

Not to mention that small quilts take less time to make and are less stressful and time-consuming than some giant king-sized attempt at making an heirloom on the first try.

We're not exactly hurting for covers for this baby--if you look at the basket in the picture you'll see that it's full of blankets and quilts and doesn't even include some baby afghans and quilts I got from Mrs. Dicy, or the afghan from Mamaw.

But still.  I made myself a quilt (okay, sewed a quilt top to a cheap comforter) in college, and made Cody an afghan when we were dating (that's how you know things are getting serious), and I made Cody a quilt last year.  Obviously our little girl needs covers!

Fabrics include:
  • a couple of my old shirts
  • a dress that I made for myself when I was 11 or so
  • one of Cody's old shirts
  • a pair of Cody's jeans
  • and our first pair of sheets from when we first got married (I used the top sheet as the backing for Cody's quilt and he has green squares on his as well.  They'll match!)
  •  some fabrics I picked up here and there for other fabrics, and some pieces were given to me by friends
We decided to wait on some of the fabrics until after we found out we were having a girl.  And then we procrastinated.  But during one of our recent snowed-in evenings, we finally cut out the fabric!  And last night, we planted ourselves in the living room floor to arrange the quilt top.  

So that's what we came up with:


And now the pieces are stacked into piles, just waiting to be pinned and sewn into rows, and then into a top.  We can't wait!

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Laine said...

I really like the design you came up with!