Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last night, Mom and Levi came over for dinner and we celebrated 8 years of Mom being cancer-free.  Cody made poppy seed chicken, at Mom's request, and some mashed potatoes (because they're vegetables Levi will eat).  I was supposed to make biscuits, but I was tired.  Dinner had a bit of a late start because I'd had a doctor's appointment, but Mom liked hearing about the baby and me.  She talked to Cody about herbs and vegetables while he cooked and I caught up with Levi.  Mostly I talked about baby stuff and he talked about car stuff and we were both entertained.  

Throughout dinner we talked about insurance and the weather and flying and Dallas and Levi's adventures from that afternoon.  We gossiped about people's girlfriends and small children and this and that and the other.

It was a lovely night.

Mom's one-year anniversary was in 2004.  I think Dad bought her flowers.  I mailed her a kid's birthday card because it was bright and cheerful.

In 2005, I think Laine and Levi ordered her flowers.  I bought a two-year-old's birthday card and mailed that to her.

In 2006, I ordered flowers and the woman taking my order tried to talk me into pink carnations when I wanted the multicolored tulip bouquet.  I finally yelled that my mom had already been to prom and given birth to three daughters, so she'd probably met her pink carnation limit for life.  I didn't even try to explain that these celebrations were antithetical to breast cancer pink nonsense.  It turns out that the multicolored tulip bouquet wasn't feasible, but she did have some lovely white tulips.

In 2007, I think I made her card and Cody signed it because we were married by then.  This may have been the year Sara or Levi were in charge of flowers. 

In 2008, she celebrated 5 years of being cancer-free and I wrote this post for her.  Sara and Dad bought her flowers and Laine mailed her a card because she was married and living in another state.  Levi also had to mail his card because he was in North Carolina.  I'm sure he sent his card earlier than all of us.  About a month or so later, she went to the doctor for her check-up and was declared officially in remission.

In 2009, I wrote this post.  I think we may have had dinner at Mom and Dad's house, or maybe we went out to eat some time close to the date of the anniversary.

In 2010, we threw an actual party at Sara and Chad's house.  I wrote this post about it and we had a great time because that's what happens when you celebrate the Super Bowl, frozen pizza, and your mom all in one evening.

Mom's had a good year.  All the years have been good, actually, but I looked through some pictures this morning and noticed I have a lot of happy pictures of Mom from this past year.  

Mom being an expectant grandparent at my first shower.
Mom, making this resigned face at one of us.

Mom, stealing Jack's baby.  Stealing babies is her favorite thing to do.

Laughing with Robert.

Holding Dad's attention.

Celebrating last year's anniversary with me.

Loving Mother's Day.

Loving her dog.

Loving her granddaughter.

You can't tell, but she's laughing at Laine and Dad here.

Just laughing at something or somebody.

Laughing and enjoying the company of this stellar American citizen. (He's pretending to throw a ninja star at me in a museum.)
Having fun posing with Laine in the church parking lot on Mother's Day.

Enjoying Sara on Sara's birthday.

Celebrating Levi being here on her birthday.

Happy anniversary, Mom!  I hope you've had as much fun as it looks like you did!  We've certainly enjoyed you this year, and all the others.

We love you! 


Laine said...

I like ALL these pictures!

I love you, Mom!

Mom2Four said...

Thank you for such a sweet blog, honey, and I love you too, Lainey!

The pictures of you guys make me smile and it makes me happy to think of all of the fun that we have together. You all bring me so much joy.

Thanks for celebrating today.