Monday, January 31, 2011

Update: 34 weeks

Thirty-four weeks!

I'm tired, I'm moody, and every now and then I have to stop and try (and fail) to catch my breath because the baby is crowding out my lungs.  

I want a crispito.

Sleep is disturbed and all-too brief.

Obviously, everything is right on track!

I move less, and the baby moves more, and then we both grow.  I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and after this week I'll start going every week.  This baby event is moving right along!

This is what I read about the baby's growth this week: "Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (like your average cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. Her fat layers — which will help regulate her body temperature once she's born — are filling her out, making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and may have a few short-term health issues, but in the long run, they usually do as well as full-term babies." (Source.)

Um, I actually hadn't been worried about preterm labor, but thanks for bringing it up and reminding me.  Even if the Internet says it's okay to have the baby now, I think I'll wait.  She can put the finishing touches on her nerves and lungs and cuteness while we continue to make a place for her in our home.

We're far less prepared than I thought we'd be by now.  And I'm far calmer about it than I thought I'd be.  There are a few things I'd like to take care of pretty soon (finding a pediatrician is a big one), but I'm okay with everything else.  Maybe it's the tiredness talking, or maybe everyone's prayers for me to not be one of those crazy pregnant women (or for me to not be ..... myself while pregnant) have paid off.  Maybe it's because I'm so busy with work.  Or maybe it's hormones.  Or maybe I'm deluded. 

Or maybe I'm just really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives.

Whatever the reason, I'm happy to be calmly looking forward to my baby's arrival.  We have diapers and a car seat and sleepers and blankets and a basket where she can probably sleep until she's 5 (it looked smaller on the website!).  So we're nearly ready for a newborn.

My friends decided to help me along even more with this nesting/preparation process by giving me a shower this weekend!

The most sturdily constructed diaper cake in the world. 
Most photos by Laine, using my camera.


This came in the biggest box ever.  I know this because my generous friends sent me home with the leftovers.  Oh cake.

Everything was so cute and so perfect.

From the rug that just so happened to be in the room we used for the shower.... the great decor on the tables.
 After a great little luncheon, I opened presents.

Sara took notes.

Laine took awkward photos of me.

I should not be photographed right now.  I just shouldn't.  I promise that I am really excited about this nice ear thermometer.

Faith carried the owl theme pretty far, and even incorporated it into her wrapping job of the glitter bibs she gave me.  I am not joking.  Glitter.  Bibs.

 Left to right: Lynn, Mrs. Dicy, Mrs. Joy (Lynn's mom and a super sweet lady), Brook, Kelly, Jen, Alana, Jen G., Sarah, Mom, Jessi, Faith, Laine, and Sara.

When we were lining up for this picture, Mom exclaimed "I want to stand by Jessi because she's fun!" and Dad made sure to come by before and after the shower to visit a little with Alana and Kelly (and Kelly's husband!  I know my parents were excited to meet him.).  And my friends liked seeing my family.  And my family liked seeing my friends.  And I .... am still overwhelmed and vaguely stressed.

I love seeing friends and family.  And I love food and visiting and presents.  But I get so overwhelmed!  I always leave showers convinced that I didn't visit enough with people, or long enough, or that I didn't adequately convey my gratitude and excitement, or that when someone at my shower has a wedding or a baby or a birthday my contributions to their party or my gift will definitely not match their creativity and generosity and they'll be let down.

And I don't even know who to thank for that diaper cake!  I deconstructed it yesterday to save space and I was completely blown away by its sturdiness.  And the fact that I now have close to 200 disposable diapers in the newborn size.  (Diapers were a popular gift at my last shower as well.)  Whoa. Nelly.

You are all getting the most gushing, most glitter-encrusted, most effusive thank-you notes I can possibly write.  (Did I mention that Alana has decided her fabulous hosting duties include sending me stamps for thank-you cards [she also sent me home with 2 boxes of thank-you cards, just in case]?  I cannot handle this.)  

And I know our little circle of friends gets really excited about theme parties (see Brook's annual Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, Jessi's White Trash birthday party, or Mandy's Steel Magnolias bridal shower), but wow.  

Alana has been scheming and sending out mass emails and collating ideas for months (possibly from the week I told her we were having a baby).  Faith made owls.  Mandy made these adorable cookie favors and couldn't come to the shower because she was sick, so she made Jason meet Alana on her way to the shower.  Kelly came in from far, far away.  When Sarah said I 'had' to take home the pretty yellow flowers from the shower, she was sending me home with a vase as well.  Mrs. Joy embroidered a bunch of cute little baby items that I have to give back to her when the baby's born and named so that everything can be monogrammed!  Brook did the same thing with a beautiful silver jewelry box.  Several people gave the baby presents she'll use in about 2 years or so.  

I am grateful and tired and hormonal and my house is littered with baby-themed gift bags and I'm overwhelmed and don't even know where to start with the thank-yous because I'm drowning in an embarrassment of riches.

(I'm also very melodramatic today.)

I know, I know.  My problems are heart-wrenching.

I've said right from the very beginning that we are having a very lucky baby to have so many friends and family excited to meet her and pray for her and spoil her and celebrate her.  But wow.  The closer we get to her birthday, the happier I am for her to meet all of you.  As special and exciting as this experience has been, our friends and families have made it even richer with their sincere enthusiasm and encouragement and generosity and sheer awesomeness. 

Thank you.

 My family followed me home and helped me unload the car.  Then we sorted through clothes and toys by size and sent some things home with Mom and Dad.  Later, I took some more things over to Dicy's house to store there, and to wash the littlest baby clothes and her bedding and blankets.  We're set for the first month or so!

I was feeling cute (humor me), so I had Cody take this picture.  Kelly made a hair pin for the baby's present, and then I wore it.  It saved my superbad hair day even more than covering it with a hat did.

Mandy's amazing favors, and the wand Brook put on her present.  I was holding it in between present-opening until Sara took it from me and started waving it above her head and singing "My Country Tis of Thee".  Then wand time was over.

Also, here's my present from Erin!  She gave me a diaper travel case, and some really pretty burp cloths with birds (but no cages) on them!

This past week has been a good one: I saw my lovely friends, had a nice afternoon with most of my family, the baby got some amazing presents, it didn't snow, we organized a lot of the baby's things into more manageable piles, the weather was beautiful, Cody and I went on a date, I finally figured out how I'm going to make the baby's afghan right as Michaels decided to have a sale on the yarn I want to use, and, oh yes, I saw some lovely friends at my lovely shower.

Week 33 was important!

If you read through all of this, you deserve some kind of prize.  So here is a link to Kelly's post about the shower. It's so sweet!  And cute!  It makes me wish I had an iPhone.  Or even knew how to get cell phone pictures to the Internet.  I think that has something to do with Internet on your phone.  Which I don't have.  Anyway, thank you for a lovely post, Kelly!


Alana said...

1. The first picture of you outside of your house is just magnificent!
2. Brooke made the diaper cake. It was perfect!
3. You are pregnant. We understand if you are overwhelmed and tired. You don't have to apologize.
4. One of my favorite lines of this post was "then wand time was over." I laughed out loud.
5. Erin's gift is too cute! I can't wait to see it in person!
6. Thanks for sharing Kelly's post. It was beautiful!
7. We all love you and baby!
8. And Cody.

Mom2Four said...

It was a wonderful day and you have some amazing friends, who are gifted with many talents. What a blessing they are to you, and now to all of us.

This is going to be one, well cared for little girl!!

I loved Kelly's post too.