Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Typo Tuesday: Typos Can Ruin Your Date

Cody and I went to the grocery store this weekend.  Going to the grocery store is typically a pleasant experience for us.  We treat it like a Sunday afternoon date--we flirt, mock the tastes of the other person, and feel excited over our shared love of frozen pizza and fresh produce.


Sometimes the experience is somewhat marred.  Maybe the store is out of butternut squash.  Or the bananas look scary.  Or, if you want to really want to walk out of the store with jarred senses, the ad in your buggy looks like this:

Even the not-quite-cute baby knows something is wrong.
 I freaked out--loudly--in the middle of an aisle, made Cody stop pushing the buggy, and pulled out my camera (which I carry around with me for occasions such as this) so that I could record this monstrosity and share it with you.

Fram.  Fram.  Fram.

I can barely take it.

I certainly can't understand it.

The logo at the top says "State Farm Insurance"!!!  Farm!!!  This is not a difficult word, and yet this embarrassing slip-up is plastered on every buggy in the Kroger on Rodney Parham because someone did not take the time to carefully read over the ad!

I really don't think this is going to help this nice lady's business.



Laine said...

Oh my. I love this. That picture, in and of itself was worth a post, haha.

Laine said...
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