Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surprise: I am talking about glitter

I'm a little too tired for words right now, so here are a couple pictures of how things look around my house.

These are some re-purposed pom poms from Faith that are making up January's garland.

And this is the dining room banner.
I have my shower invitations and a print from Red Velvet Art.

I'm realizing I should probably get started on all of my Valentine decorating/card-making plans soon.  I take a million years to accomplish anything these days and I love decorating my house for Valentine's Day and making you cards.

I also just accidentally spit on myself while trying to drink Mt. Dew, though. 

So maybe you should keep your expectations low this year.

Oh, remember when I made this Valentine last year?  Let me know if you want one to give to somebody.  You know, as a joke.

(I hope.)

I do love making cards.  

Did I ever tell you I bought the Martha Stewart glitter pack?  I did.  Mrs. Dicy gave me a gift card to Michaels, and then I got an email alert that the kit--which normally sells for around $30--was 50% off one day and I raced to the store, gift card in hand to buy it.  I also had a coupon that I used to get a skein of Fisherman's Wool for 50% off as well.  

Who got 50% off of free money?  This girl!  Happy birthday all over again to me!  I feel happy just thinking about it again.

Anyway, I grabbed that box full of 24 vials of multicolored magic (I can't believe they hadn't sold out!), and some sale yarn, and some yarn with a coupon and still had money left on my gift card.  

Then I went to the restaurant and showed Mrs. Dicy what she'd technically given me for my birthday.  She was impressed.

Cody was not.

I thought it would be fun to tell you that story.

Turns out it was.

And I wanted to share the happy glitter news (like there's any other kind of glitter news.  Psh!).

And to hype up the excitement a little for this year's Valentines.

Get ready.

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