Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A present, a friend, a story

Really, I just needed to show you this picture again.

I thought I'd say just a little bit more about my baby shower from this weekend.  People were very nice about indulging me in the comments from the last post, so I thought I'd talk about it again.  By the way, thank you for being so sweet in the comments!
Plus, I thought Dallas might enjoy a post about himself because he's braving orthodontic drama and, really, who doesn't like being blog famous?


This is my friend, Dallas, with me at my shower.

I'm glad I wore boots that gave me at least a little extra height.

Dallas and his family gave me some lovely gifts (about 1/3 of my Sears registry) and then Dallas made his own selections with his own money and gave me a present specifically from just him.

It's no secret that Dallas has always been very adept at picking out cards and gifts. 
He's a good judge of personalities, and has been a gift and card-picking pro since he was 3 or 4 years old.

I'm not kidding.

Let me tell you a story about that because, well, I like this story:

In the summer of 2005, Dallas was taking swimming lessons.  He really seemed to love them.  One afternoon, a day or so before his mom's birthday, the lesson was nearly over and it was time to go.  I'd already told him  that after swimming lessons, we could go to the drugstore next to the city pool and get a card for Mommy.  (He really liked the drugstore near the pool.  I don't know.)

He wouldn't get out of the pool.

I reminded him we were going card-shopping.

He wouldn't get out of the pool.

Students for the next class were arriving.

He wouldn't get out of the pool.

(Neither of us were at our best that afternoon.  Just keep that in mind.  We've both grown a lot since then.)

I walked into the kiddie pool, snatched him up, wrapped him in his towel, and carted him off to my car while he fussed and my blue jeans dripped everywhere.

Teachers, parents, and children stared.

Dallas changed into his dry clothes and we went to the drug store.

It had already closed.

I tried to turn the event into a teaching lesson about sticking to schedules and obeying me, but when you're three and you had a too-short nap and you really want to buy your mommy a birthday card, a lecture really isn't going to make your meltdown any better.

So we went to the grocery store because I needed to pick up food and I told him we could look at the cards there.  

He immediately picked out an oversized birthday card covered in fancy script and purple hydrangeas.  

If I remember right, the fancy script was shiny and gold as well.

Yes, Food King offered a wide selection of cards with primary colors and bright smiley faces and cute animals and other things that you'd think would attract a toddler's attention.

But no, he didn't even want to check out the other cards (believe me, I asked).  He had found The One.

Naturally, he had to give it to Karen as soon as she picked him up.  He'd already shown it to the rest of my family and they were....surprised.  Everyone knew I hadn't picked it out (not my style), but they did seem surprised that he was going for.....that particular style.

After a few years, we all got used to it.

Like when he gave my mom her Mother's Day present before any of us had a chance to and it was a nice stationery set with flowers and butterflies (with a matching gift bag!) because she likes flowers and butterflies.


Like when he gave me a present at my baby shower this weekend.

He started out with a yellow bag.
Yellow is my favorite color.

And then he gave me all this!

I didn't want to post a list of all of my gifts because I thought that was tacky, but I had to share this with you.  I'm also really impressed that all of this was somehow stuffed into a medium-sized gift bag.  I was trying to tell Levi about everything, but decided to take a picture when I got home instead.

Clockwise from the left upper corner:
  • The baby's very first board book about baby Jesus!  I love Jesus.
  • A bottle brush. I do like for things to be clean.
  • A nightlight.  Dallas loved these when he was little.  I'm glad he thought of getting one for my daughter.
  • A yellow bottle.
  • A travel utensil set for feeding the baby when she gets old enough to eat solids, but is still too little to use big people cutlery.  And it's in a yellow container!
  • Batteries.  Batteries are always a genius gift, but these are specifically for the night light.
  • Food containers that look like tigers and are yellow and come with a yellow fork.  My baby is going to travel so comfortably!
  • A cute green bib with a cute little ladybug on it.  And the edging's yellow.
  • A yellow sippy cup--with giraffes!  I've noticed that Cody is really liking giraffe things for the baby these days, so this was a startlingly fortuitous pick.  Dallas is getting to be Levi-level good with the presents.  I think he's a prodigy.
  • Wipes.  You can never have too many, and I really like that these are Care Bear ones!
  • A green fleece blanket with a ladybug.  You have to stay comfy for naps.  Plus, it kind of matches the bib. Awesome.
So.  Ta da!

So while Dallas will still be getting a thank-you card within the week, I thought I'd still make today's post about him, and his excellent present skills.  

Sorry if this post makes it seem like I'm bragging, but I know some lovely people and I can't wait to introduce my baby to them all.

Which is a really lovely thing to tell you.


Mom2Four said...

How sweet! I feel like I know a celebrity now. Of course, some days he is! It was a wonderful shower in so many ways.

We are looking forward to using all of the new gifts with your little one. What fun it will be.

Amber said...

He is pretty amazing. I also like the underlying traveling theme because you guys do have so many places to go.

Laine said...

I super liked this post! I hope Mom lets Dallas read it. I was pretty impressed that he stuck with such a useful theme, he's so smart...