Thursday, January 13, 2011

A post about snow

In case you ever wondered, these:

are what squirrel tracks in the snow look like!

I was walking to my car yesterday and saw this squirrel jump through the snow and fly up into some tree branches--it was super cute and funny.  So I took a picture.

I was thinking about it more this morning when I was walking by the hill again and noticed little tracks up the side of the hill, especially leading to trees.

I started to wonder why I'd never seen squirrel tracks like this growing up in the country and then I remembered: our yard also housed 4 kids (or more), 2+ dogs (who chased squirrels), birds, and oh yes, did I mention the kids who would run through the snow?  Because running through the snow is excellent.  I kicked a few trails through our yard on Monday because I got home while it was still light out.  

Cody was working on supper still, and the house smelled like seasoned skillet (if you are ever seized with the desire to season a cast iron skillet--don't.  But if you must, close off other rooms and open a door or window.  Do not make every room and article of fabric in your home smell like stale grease.  Ahem) so I acted like I needed to sweep snow off of the steps and sidewalk so it wouldn't freeze.  I swept and then I looked at our pristine little sideyard, uncluttered by even the tiniest of bird tracks.

Then I ran all through it, shuffling a weird little trail.

It was oddly satisfying.

Probably because tracks in the snow are nice.


Mom2Four said...

I remember all of those little paths through the snow, and the red cheeks that came inside after you made them!

Dallas, the 2 plus dogs, a cat, a stray chicken and many little birds are tracking up the snow out here now. And they are enjoying it so much. It has been beautiful but a bit too cold.

Dad stays busy trying to keep water out to everything, food for the birds, etc. and Dallas stays busy trying to mark up all of the snow!

Laine said...

I really have no comment except that I wanted to say that I like Mom's commennt. :) Glad someone's still messing up their snow.