Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking forward

It's the middle of the week and these are things I'm looking forward to (some things are a little more long-term than others):

Making banana nut bread.  Mine is good, I must say.

 Learning some knitting techniques with Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I checked out this DVD from the library on Saturday.  On Sunday, I woke up feeling terrible and then took a few hits from my inhaler, which doesn't exactly make me feel good.  So I spastically washed dishes and bumped into things around the house and finally settled myself on the couch with this playing in the hopes of calming myself down by watching this nice older lady star in a poorly produced PBS special.  Wow.  I watched the first lesson and was delighted to learn that I've been doing stitches the easy and 'correct' way for the past 15 years or so.  But when she told knitters who cast stitches on the incorrect way "You are truly tragic figures, because no one can ever help you" with a solemn and sincere face, I knew I was absolutely going to love her forever.  I pulled out some circular needles and tried to make the ribbing stitch from the first lesson, realized I had the wrong size, and bought the right size that very afternoon.  It's been nearly 3 days and now I'm ready to try Lesson 2 and see what I'm going to do next on the Beginner's Hat!

Making cards.  Valentines, thank-you notes, birthday cards.  I'm ready.

Finishing a scarf.  You know that big fat green yarn that every crafting person has?

I'm pretty sure as soon as you saw the green yarn you said "Ohhhhh!  Yeah, that."
Even Laine has some and she doesn't do yarn things!  I liked her Christmasy use for it.
I had some left over and decided to buy a fat crochet hook and make a scarf!  And then I wound up buying more yarn to finish the scarf.  Well!  I think I've got a couple more feet to go, and then I'll take a picture and show you.

Finishing another scarf.  I have some brown Fisherman's Wool left over from another project and I'm crocheting a scarf out of that, too.  I'm nearly finished!

Making more scarves.  I'm trying to build up my Christmas reserves because, well, I plan on being a little too busy to work on scarves like I typically do next Christmas.

The day my hair will be long enough for me to tuck behind my ear--and then it will stay there.  Back in June, I was cutting my hair and thought it would be hilarious to give myself bangs.  It wasn't.  And no, I was not pregnant at the time.  Like other projects in my life right now, the waiting and growing takes time.

I have a baby shower this weekend!  I'm going to throw on a dress and see my friends!  We will have a lovely time.  I love getting presents.  I even got one yesterday from my friend Erin because she was in town.  It's craftastic and cute and girlish and sweet.  I'll take some pictures soon because it's all sewn and covered in bird fabric and superadorable.

The day I actually take pictures of all the things I say I'll photograph at some point.

The day I catch Cody laughing and get video of it.  If you've never witnessed it, you have no idea what your life is lacking.  It's hysterical and always makes me smile.

Kevin Brockmeier's new book coming out on February 1.  I'm glad I held on to some of my Barnes & Noble gift cards.  Did I tell you I saw him in Barnes a couple of weekends ago?  I did.  I didn't get a picture because we were both looking at magazines and I was holding my breath and some of my friends were watching me nervously to make sure I didn't take a picture or do something embarrassing.  I'm pretty sure that's why Cody holds my purse a lot of the time.  Because he knows if there's something (someone) I want to take a picture of, I will. He also didn't think I was joking when I said I wanted to check Kevin Brockmeier's license plate number (I think he drives a Prius!). 

Holding my baby.  This is pretty much a gimme, but one of Laine's friends had her little girl this morning and I've seen a picture and darn it, I want a newborn too!  Kind of.  I think I can wait a little longer.  It's probably best for both of us.  But I have to say, sometimes I go through google images to look at cute babies when I'm grouchy and I did that this morning and those babies just were not cute!  I'm sure mine will be lovely and then I can look at her tons.

The literary festival.  I'm going.  I'm taking my baby.  I'm getting my new Kevin Brockmeier book signed by Kevin Brockmeier.  And maybe I'll get him to sign the baby.  Kidding!  I think.  I'll take pictures either way.  I mean it.

A new My Morning Jacket album.  Awesome.

Making Cody laugh.  I'll try to have the camera ready.


Laine said...

Lots of things in this post made me laugh. 1. thinking about Cody laughing. 2. I remember you telling me about seeing ole Kev, and I told you that you SHOULD have taken a picture of him, and then told you that you were a bad blogger for not taking a picture of him. Remember that? 3. Totally get him to sigh your baby. 4. This didn't make me laugh, but, I totally want to hold your baby too!

Laine said...

Dangit, typo! I meant "totally get him to SIGN you baby." Not sigh it, that's weird.

Jen said...

I think you meant either "sign YOUR baby" or "sign you [comma] baby" and they're both weird. But yes, I do remember. I think that's why people felt compelled to keep an eye out for me the second time around.

I will let you hold her. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Now I want to do yarn things. Sadly, I am crap at crafting things from yarn. I even bought that circular knitter thing, and still. Maybe that scary woman on the DVD can teach me how to make something that doesn't look like a fishing net.

Jen said...

I really like the DVD! She moves kind of fast, but you can always pause or rewind. I think it's seriously worth a try.